Movie listings: all the premiere films this week (May 20-22)

Movie listings: all the premiere films this week (May 20-22)

The weekend has a good assortment of movies that will entertain us in the movie theaters. Featured films include Assassin’s Game, The Mob Tailor and JFK: Case Revisited. These are the premiere films this weekend (from May 20 to 22) in cinemas throughout Spain.

List of premieres:

  • The weapon of deception
  • The mafia tailor
  • five wolves
  • Game of assassins
  • mirror, mirror
  • JFK: Case Reviewed
  • Clara alone
  • I do not like you
  • Dolores, beautiful!

The weapon of deception

  • Duration: 128 minutes.
  • Director: John Madden.

Synopsis: Year 1943, in the middle of World War II. Allied forces are determined to launch a definitive assault on Europe. But they face a major challenge: protect their troops from German firepower during the invasion, and thus avoid a possible massacre. Two brilliant intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley, are tasked with setting up the most inspired and unlikely disinformation strategy of the war… A story inspired by true events based on a bestseller by Ben Macintyre.

The mafia tailor

  • Duration: 106 minutes.
  • Direction: Graham Moore.

Synopsis: The story takes place in the 1950s. Chicago, 1956. Leonard (Rylance) is an English tailor who suffers a tragedy and ends up making suits for the mob. Gangsters take advantage of his friendly personality and he and his assistant Mable (Zoey Deutch) find themselves involved in criminal cases.

five wolves

  • Duration: 104 minutes.
  • Address: Alauda Ruiz de Azúa.

Synopsis: Amaia (Laia Costa) has just become a mother and realizes that she doesn’t know very well how to be. When her partner is absent for a few weeks for work, she decides to return to her parents’ house, in a beautiful coastal town in the Basque Country, and thus share the responsibility of caring for her baby. What Amaia does not know is that although she is now a mother, she will not stop being her daughter.

Game of assassins

  • Duration: 108 minutes.
  • Direction: Joe Carnahan.

Synopsis: In Game of Assassins, con artist Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) devises a plan to avoid ending up with the bones underground. He is pursued by Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler), a bloodthirsty hitman who doesn’t hesitate to attack rookie agent Valerie Young (Alexis Lourder). He does it conscientiously, since his intention is to be arrested by the police and end up in a well-protected cell. Unfortunately for him, a prison is not enough wall to contain the anger of Viddick, who also ends up detained in an adjoining cell. Nothing is going to be as simple as it seems. Viddick’s plan is interrupted by a rival assassin, played by Toby Huss. In the blink of an eye, chaos takes over the police station, forcing the killer to devise new strategies to complete the job for which he has been hired.

mirror, mirror

  • Duration: 80 minutes.
  • Direction: Marc Crehuet.

Synopsis: Four office employees prepare for the company’s 50th anniversary celebration while trying to solve certain problems. Álvaro (Santi Millán), Cristina (Malena Alterio), Paula (Natalia de Molina) and Alberto (Carlos Areces) are four people in crisis who work for the same cosmetics company. They fight for what they want while facing their own reflections in the mirror. Ambition, fear, love and betrayal are mixed in a story about identity. Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself.

JFK: Case Reviewed

  • Duration: 115 minutes.
  • Direction: Oliver Stone.

Synopsis: Documentary about the case of President Kennedy’s assassin. The film presents declassified files that try to clarify the facts related to the massacre of the North American president.

Clara Alone

  • Duration: 106 minutes.
  • Direction: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén.

Synopsis: The story takes place in a town in Costa Rica, where Clara, a shy 40-year-old woman, discovers her sexuality and frees herself from the social and religious chains that have imprisoned her throughout her life.

I do not like you

  • Duration: 109 minutes.
  • Direction: Lena Lanskih.

Synopsis: Vika, 14 years old, lives in a small provincial town in the Russian region of the Urals. She collects berries that grow in wetlands and helps her mother sell them at a street market. She likes choreography classes at school. And she has a baby that no one should ever know about.

Dolores, beautiful!

  • Duration: 109 minutes.
  • Address: Jesus Pascual.

Synopsis: Religious-based images and traditions permeate the lives of all the people who inhabit Seville. Historically, the city’s sissies have also assimilated them since their childhood and through them have been putting together meeting spaces and their own codes. Today, new dissident identities continue to respond to these traditions: participate or withdraw, continue what exists or transform it. This film looks at those traditions from a perspective always unfairly relegated to the margins.

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