More ‘Harry Potter’: Warner Bros. Wants To Create New Content For HBO Max – CINEMABLEND

More 'Harry Potter': Warner Bros. Wants To Create New Content For HBO Max - CINEMABLEND

David Zaslav, the new CEO of the company, is going to meet with JK Rowling to talk about his plans regarding the franchise.

Warner Bros. has a new CEO After the merger of the company with Discovery and among his plans is to create more content of Harry Potter. As reported The Wall Street Journalcurrent CEO David Zaslav is going to meet with JK Rowling to talk about the future of the franchise.

The aforementioned medium indicates that Zaslav is “looking to create new content related to Harry Potter for HBOMax”streaming platform WarnerMedia. As you know, Warner Bros. was in charge of bringing the films of the saga and also its prequel to the big screen. fantastic animals. Zaslav “plans to meet with creator JK Rowling in the coming weeks to discuss the matter”.

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The franchise Harry Potter has been expanding over the years. From the books it went to the movies. Later to videogames -the most recent is Hogwarts Legacy– and also to the theater with the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Two of the latest content related to the franchise that have been released on HBO Max are: the reunion of the protagonists in the special Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts and the documentary with Stephen Fry Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History.

In January 2021 there were rumors that a live action series on Harry Potter for HBOMax. However, the project was later denied and nothing more has been known about the possibility of adding a fiction to the franchise.

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This year, on the other hand, has premiered Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secretsthe third installment of the prequel saga of Harry Potter that has not achieved the expected box office data. The film hit theaters in early April and has grossed more than $379 million around the world. At the moment, Warner Bros. has not confirmed fantastic beasts 4. The original plans are for the franchise to be a pentalogy.

The world of Harry Potter it is full of possibilities. Some fans have been asking for a movie or series of some specific characters to be made for some time. For example, from the maraudersalso from the first order of the phoenixof the auroras or even the hogwarts founders.

We will have to wait to see if the meeting between Zaslav and Rowling bears fruit and Warner Bros. announces new Harry Potter content in the future.

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