More fun coming soon: Here’s what’s happening near you in the next few days!

More fun coming soon: Here's what's happening near you in the next few days!

After a fun-filled weekend celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, your body may want to keep the party going with these upcoming events, or you may want to kick back and burn off the booze.

Anyway, as we do every week, we’ve got you covered with some cool things coming to town in the next few weeks.

San Diego Crew Classic

The San Diego Crew Classic kicks off this weekend, March 26-27, in Mission Bay, where thousands of athletes gather to compete in the sport of rowing. However, this event is also for the family to get together and watch these athletes compete at a high level, but also get together and enjoy the local food and beer garden available at the local craft breweries.

An event to relax and enjoy the day in one of the most beautiful places you can find in this country.

La Jolla Half Marathon & Shores 5K

If you want to kick back or just burn off that St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a great opportunity in La Jolla on April 16. La Jolla Half Marathon will give you some of the most beautiful scenery you can find in the country. The start line begins at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and runs along the waterfront to beautiful La Jolla Cove. To sign up, you can visit their official website.

Idealizing ‘the comeback’ of the iconic Beatles may not be so fanciful if you go back to the 60s and enjoy its unforgettable tune: Get Back with the irreplaceable band from Liverpool.

The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert!

One of the most iconic music bands of all time is coming to San Diego! So a little. On Friday, March 25, you can enjoy The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert at IMAC at the Heikoff Giant Dome Theatre. Get tickets now to enjoy this unique experience that will transport you to the unforgettable days of The Beatles.

A free event for this evening.

Friends Trivia Night

Are you a fan of Friends? Well, you might want to check out this experience taking place tonight, Tuesday, March 22, at Liberty’s Main Courtyard Public Market. Participation is free and allows fans of one of the most popular TV shows of all time to come together and test their knowledge. There will be elixirs offered at the Bottlecraft Bar, $6 food and wine for tonight’s event starting at 6pm and ending at 8pm

SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival

For craft beer enthusiasts and foodies alike, SeaWorld will provide a great opportunity to have a fun time with your family and friends. The Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival will take place at Seaworld, where San Diegans can enjoy drinks from one of the city’s best local breweries.

Don’t stay home for the next few weeks, go instead to get your body moving and have fun.

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