Microsoft’s approach to reduce the gap in workers with disabilities – Latin America News Center

Microsoft's approach to reduce the gap in workers with disabilities – Latin America News Center

WithinI World Accessibility Awareness Day, the company announces its plans to integrate more employees with disabilities into the world of work.

Mexico City, Mexico – Within the culture of Microsoft, we work to close the employment gap for people with disabilities and this is not only done through new hardware and software focused on solving some of their needs, but also internally we work with experts in accessibility and with disabled people communities.

One way to do this is to empower talent and address the challenges that affect people with disabilities. Beyond the adaptive accessories on the market, these are some of the actions that Microsoft carries out.

  • Support for talent at the educational level

Empowering students with disabilities is a company priority and it does so from the new Microsoft Learn Educator Center where you can get resources and professional development, tools like Microsoft Reflect, which helps teachers monitor the well-being of their students and also programs like Minecraft: Education Edition that promote creativity and collaboration as students learn code and various programming languages.

A new Microsoft EDU study found that 84% of teachers say it is impossible to achieve equity in education without accessible learning tools. And 87% agree that accessible technology can help not only level the playing field for students with disabilities, but also spark ideas that help teachers better understand and support all of their students.

  • Connect talent with jobs

Employment for people with disabilities requires association. Microsoft recently worked with 30 Neurodiversity @Work Roundtable partners to launch the Neurodiversity Career Connector initiative, a job board site that helps companies large and small screen neurodivergent candidates. This is the result of a program created in 2015 by Microsoft to recruit autistic talent.

In addition, the company announced the expansion of its relationship with The Valuable 500, an organization that works with large companies committed to making workplaces more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.


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