Mexico City revives nightmare in amusement centers due to death in Aquarium Inbursa

Mexico City revives nightmare in amusement centers due to death in Aquarium Inbursa

Mexico City — The business of entertainment centers in Mexico City dressed in mourning again this week after the death of a woman who worked at the Inbursa Aquariuma site that is managed by the same company behind the Chapultepec Fair, which closed permanently in October 2019 after a fatal accident.

The woman, who was identified by the company as Monserrat, was a certified diver and worked at the aquarium. Before his death carried out work in one of the ponds complying with the established protocol, but faced difficulty in coming to the surfacesaid the Inbursa Aquarium in a positioning.

“The emergency protocol was activated immediately: trained personnel intervened for this maneuver in collaboration with emergency medical services,” said the Inbursa Aquarium.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City is investigating the events that took place on Wednesday, February 16, in the aquarium located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, for the probable crime of manslaughter. Monserrat arrived with vital signs at a hospital located in the neighboring municipality of Cuauhtémoc, where he died.

The aquarium is anchored in one of the newest tourist areas of the city, near Polanco, and is located a few meters from the Soumaya Museum, which houses the works that are part of the Carlos Slim Foundation collection, and the Jumex Museum, dedicated to contemporary art.

The Inbursa Aquarium, inaugurated in 2014, became in a few years one of the most popular leisure and tourist spots in the Mexican capital. With the arrival of the pandemic, it paused its operations for almost a year. The Inbursa Aquarium reopened its doors in March 2021.

Although the aquarium bears the name Inbursa, linked to the banking business founded by businessman Carlos Slim and is located opposite a mixed-use mega complex linked to it, the aquarium has no relationship with Inbursa, a company spokesperson told Bloomberg Line.

The name Inbursa is part of a naming commercialas happens with stadiums and theaters, the spokesman specified.

The aquarium is part of the Ventura Entertainment portfolioa company that manages nearly a dozen amusement centers in the country.

We continue to collaborate with the authorities. Likewise, we accompany the Monserrat family in these terrible moments endorsing all our support and solidarity”, said the Inbursa Aquarium in a statement.

Ventura Entertainment faces yet another death at one of its sites in less than three years. The company operated La Feria de Chapultepec, one of the most iconic amusement parks in the city.

Ventura Entertainment’s management concession for the park was revoked by the Mexico City government after two people died and two others were injured in an incident at one of its rides in September 2019.

After litigation and after the revocation of the concession, the Government of Mexico City is currently building a new center on the land of the Chapultepec Fair that will be called Parque Aztlán. The work was assigned by the capital government to Mota Engil Mexico and Thor Urbana Capital

Ventura Entertainment is linked to the firm Ventura Capital Privado of businessmen Enrique Castillo and Javier Molinar Horcasitas. It has dolphinariums and amusement parks such as Ventura Park, Dolphinaris, Selvatica, located in the state of Quintana Roo, according to the company’s website.

It also manages the Selva Mágica amusement center in Guadalajara and another aquarium in León, Guanajuato.

The company was created from the merger of Dolphinaris, Grupo Entreteparq and Selvatica.

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