Meeting in Doha with Mbappé’s family

Reunión en Doha con la familia de Mbappé

The soap opera Mbappé will have suspense until the end. While optimism reigns in Madrid, in Paris they cling to trying everything until the end of the season to try to convince the crack of PSG to renew. According to information from L’Equipethe player’s mother, Fayza Lamari, traveled to Doha in the company of her young son, Ethan (she uploaded a story to Instagram that sparked a wave of rumours), to talk with the top leaders of the Parisian team. The prestigious newspaper titles its front page this Friday as “Operation Mbappé”, referring to these contacts that occurred during the last 48 hours.

According to the French newspaper, these meetings only show that everything is still open for the moment with the future of Mbappé. PSG received notification after elimination in the Champions League round of 16 that Bondy’s talent was already negotiating with Real Madrid. Meanwhile, PSG hopes to renew him in the short term to try to get him to the World Cup in Qatar as a club player.

From Doha, the premise is clear: everything possible must be done to renew Mbappé. The Emir of Qatar is obsessed with extending his contract and will try to use all possible financial means to convince him. Although his final decision is not a matter of money, in Qatar they continue to trust that the pressure that has been generated around the player, with even Macron involved, can make him change his mind.


Although there were meetings between Mbappé’s mother and the PSg, L’Equipe He stresses that there have been no details about what the two sides talked about or if the French international is approaching a renewal in Paris. The issue of image rights, so important for the footballer’s lawyer, is another issue that PSG is trying to grab to renew him, giving 100% control to the striker. In Paris and Qatar they are preparing for a revolution in the summer, but the priority continues to be to renew Kylian Mbappé.

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