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Tom Cruise en Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Surprisingly, the first reviews of Top Gun: Maverick have come to light and the press says that we are in front of a movie.

We already have with us the first reviews of Top Gun: Maverick. The movie of Tom Cruisedirected by Joseph Krosinsky, hits theaters on May 26. Practically, it will share the premiere with Obi-Wan Kenobithe new series of starwars from Disney+. The first reviews of the tape have come to light and have been quite an unexpected surprise. We had high expectations for this sequel featuring talents like hans zimmer, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer either Jennifer Connelly. However, we must admit that we did not expect such good and positive reviews. Pay attention to what they say about her!

Here’s what the press is saying about the long-awaited sequel!

  • AV Club: «Top Gun: Maverick technically surpasses the original. Tom Cruise dominates the screen in a performance that harnesses his multi-million dollar star power to light up the entire film.”
  • Variety: “Designed to recreate many of the pleasures of the original, it satisfies our desire to go really fast, really high: what its predecessor unforgettably called the need for speed.”
  • Indie Wire: “It’s not so much a Tom Cruise movie as ‘Tom Cruise: The Movie,’ and when it’s over, even his fiercest critics will have to admit they’ll miss him when he’s gone.”
  • The Hollywood Reporter: “Your enjoyment of Top Gun: Maverick will depend on how willing you are to disconnect from the real world and surrender to the magic of a movie star.”
  • IGN: “A goofy, heroic, old-fashioned, cheesy-as-hell entertainment with sky-high enthusiasm: it’s a welcome return to simpler cinematic times.”
  • Collider: “‘Top Gun: Maverick improves on the original in every conceivable way, and does so in a way that could make it one of the best sequels ever made. A wonder of a film, that will take your breath away.
  • The Wrap: “It’s the kind of movie that asks you to think nothing of it for a single moment: for viewers who are willing to tune out on that level, it will work.”
  • USA Today: “Yes, ideally it could be less trite and it doesn’t quite match the magic of the original either. At the same time, Top Gun: Maverick is the kind of movie that doesn’t get made anymore.”


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