Maura Rivera responds to criticism from fans for a trip to England

Maura Rivera responds to criticism from fans for a trip to England

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Very recently in Chile the option was given not to use masks in public spaces depending on the phase in which each commune in the country is.

However, in other countries, this measure has already begun to take hold since last year and the governments of each country made the decision that it would not require either the mobility pass or masks.

This is how England is occupying this regulation, where it is walking Laura Rivera with his family.

Football player Mark Gonzalez was invited to an exhibition match, which will take place this Saturday. It will take place in Manchester and he decided to go in the company of his wife and children, so it has been a luxury family outing.

Criticism of Maura Rivera: And the use of masks?

However, what most caught the attention of the followers of the former Red girl, was that she was not wearing masks at any time, a fact for which her followers immediately began to ask her why she did not take care of COVID-19.

Although at no time was it seen that, for example, he had made the dynamics of questions and answers in which he was asked about this situation, perhaps he answered these questions because he may have been privately receiving questions about the non-use of a mask in England.

Likewise, among his stories from his Instagram account, in which we can see part of his trip to the European country, such as meals or trips to places in the country, he uploaded screenshots of news in which he gave his answer: the use of face masks, in the wherever it was, it was no longer needed.

Underlining the date to indicate the moment in which this decision came into force in England, Rivera wrote that “they do not ask for anything to enter England” He began by giving the answers to those who asked him the question and continued by saying that “They don’t ask for booster vaccines or PCR either. Everything is fine here,” concluded.

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