‘Matrix Resurrections’, ‘The Weapon of Deception’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and more

'Matrix Resurrections', 'The Weapon of Deception', 'The Dark Knight' and more

The arrival of a weekend marked by high temperatures invites us to stay at home or enjoy the air conditioning of a cinema while we watch a movie. From Espinof we propose a selection of 13 essential movies for these daysincluding theatrical releases, streaming releases, novelties in physical format and titles that are broadcast on a national Spanish television channel.

At the cinema

‘Five wolves’

The winner of the last Malaga Festival explores the difficulties a woman has to deal with the fact that she has just become a mother. Laia Costa leads this first feature film Alauda Ruiz de Azua.

Review of ‘Five Little Wolves’

‘The weapon of deception’ (‘Operation Mincemeat’)

Colin Firth heads this war drama directed by John Madden. In it we move to a World War II already quite advanced to make us aware of a curious true story.

‘The mob tailor’

the Oscar winner brand rylance plays a British tailor who moves to Chicago, where the only people who can pay for his services are dangerous people. It has been widely commented that it has a certain theatrical air, but it has also received very good reviews.

Review of ‘The mafia tailor’

and transmission

‘Chip and Chop: The Rescue Rangers’ (‘Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’)

The beloved Disney characters return with a film for Disney + that mixes various styles of animation and promises to be marked by the unmistakable style of the lonely island.

The best Netflix movies in 2022 (for now)

‘Matrix Resurrections’

Many years had to pass for this new sequel to the mythical saga led by Keanu Reeves and some ended up very disappointed with the result. I am not among them, since it is true that it is still far from the original, but also that it is much more stimulating than the other sequels.

Review of ‘Matrix Resurrections’

in physical format

‘Love in his place’ (‘Love Gets a Room’)

The new film by Rodrigo Cortés may not have made all the noise that was expected in cinemas, but those who enjoyed it are in luck, since its limited edition on blu-ray promises to be indispensable. Packed with extras, with the soundtrack CD and an extensive 36-page booklet.


One of the great cinematographic sensations of last year finally arrives in physical format from Karma Films. The only thing missing is more additional content, since the only relevant extra it includes is an interview with Julia Ducournau.

Review of ‘Titane’

in TV

‘No one’s life’

Nobody's Life

Remarkable approach to the story of a fraud who does the impossible to keep an impossible lie alive. Jose Coronado is heavily inspired by this remarkable film from Edward Cortes which served to discover us Martha Etura.

Friday at 22:05 in La 2

‘The Godfather’ trilogy

A great opportunity to recover one of the most emblematic trilogies in the history of cinema, with the particularity that in addition to the third installment the recent remake prepared by the artist himself is broadcast Francis Ford Coppola.

Saturday at 3:20 p.m. at Paramount

Review of ‘The Godfather’

Review of ‘The Godfather 2’

Review of ‘The Godfather: Epilogue – The Death of Michael Corleone’

‘Species (Deadly Species)’


A curious science fiction film from the 90s with a script that is not at all free of stupidities, which does not prevent it from retaining a charm that is difficult to replicate – it is as if it does not care how absurd it can be and only cares about being what it is. entertaining as possible, both for some casting decisions, where stands out an imposing Natasha Henstridge.

Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on Neox

Criticism of ‘Species (Deadly Species)’

‘The Dark Knight’ (‘The Dark Knight’)

I don’t think one of the biggest superhero movies of all time needs any introduction anymore. Not even to see again health ledger shining very brightly giving life to the Joker, it is already worth returning to it every so often.

Sunday at 23:45 in La 1

Review of ‘The Dark Knight’


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