Marvel’s most underrated movie leaves Netflix and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

Marvel's most underrated movie leaves Netflix and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

The natural home of all Marvel movies is Disney +, but the truth is that some of them can also be found on other platforms. At least for now, because the one that is probably the most undervalued of all of them will leave Netflix this coming Saturday May 14. In case you don’t already know, I’m talking about ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

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Not that I think the movie starring Edward Norton It is one of the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I am clear that it is the one that has been most unfair. In fact, it was a financial disappointment at the time of its release and even today it is the lowest grossing feature film in the MCU with worldwide revenues of 265 million dollars. It’s clear that the recency of the Ang Lee-directed film, which also didn’t do well at the box office, didn’t help.

Nor should we forget that Marvel itself completely buried the film by deciding to do without Norton as Bruce Banner for ‘The Avengers’. That controversial dismissal was associated with forgetting the rest of the characters, subsequently recovering William Hurt and Tim Roth for appearances that did not go beyond the merely anecdotal. That it is one of the Marvel adventures with the worst reviews has also gone against it.

Did ‘The Incredible Hulk’ deserve this apparent contempt? Of course, I am clear that it is not, as well as that the film is not as round as it could be as a result of the tensions that existed between Norton and Marvel, the result of which the sequel that the actor had in mind never materialized. In return, it is a more forceful proposal than usual in this universe of superheroes that introduces us wonderfully to the story with that wonderful prologue.

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Later the action scenes shine above the character development, but perhaps at the time we did not value them enough given how generic they became in many subsequent Marvel productions. The result is entertaining and deserves to be vindicated, which is why I have preferred to dedicate my own article to it instead of including it among my recommendations of very good movies leaving Netflix this weekend. By the way, I may leave Netflix this Saturday, but on Disney+ is also availablewhich may not give you life to see it with so little margin.


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