Marco Aramayo was forced to travel sick with Covid-19

Marco Aramayo was forced to travel sick with Covid-19

The Institute for Therapy and Research on the Sequelae of Torture and State Violence (ITEI) revealed yesterday that Marco Aramayo, former director of the Indigenous Fund (Fondioc), “was forced to travel with Covid” to different parts of the country to attend the courts where dozens of hearings have been held for the trials that began against him.

The director of this organization, Emma Bolshia Bravo, told EL DEBER that This data and other “abuses and tortures” documented by the ITEI will be published soon.. He specified that his entity began working on this case since 2017, when he provided psychological support to the former director of the Fondioc who denounced an embezzlement of more than Bs 700 million by leaders related to the MAS.

But the ITEI yesterday advanced part of the report and pointed out, in a statement, that The Executive and Judicial bodies, in addition to the Police, were identified as those responsible for endangering the life of the deceased former official.

That three headed monster made up of certain officials of the Executive Power, the Judicial Power and the Police have put Mr. Aramayo’s life in danger on more than one occasion”, indicates a part of the ITEI statement.

This entity, which has already documented complaints from the victims of Sacaba and Senkata in the context of the 2019 political crisis, considered that the Judicial Organ has the greatest responsibility. “He has ignored the right to the presumption of innocence,” says the document released yesterday.

The document indicates that a couple of weeks ago, “the judicial apparatus, which includes the Prosecutor’s Office”, activated new processes and applied injunctions, despite the fact that he was already detained seven years ago

Regarding the Executive, he points out that from the moment that Aramayo denounced the irregularities of the Indigenous Fund in 2015, he was socially stigmatized by the authorities in the media.

Regarding the Police, this organization indicates “many of the escorts designated for the trips tortured him”In addition, “they deprived him of food, water and medicine for hours.”

The lawyer Héctor Castellón defended Marco Aramayo since the scandal broke out. He pointed out that he attended complaints in almost the entire country and that there were days in which he faced more than 10 hearings in a single day and in different regions of the country. That is why, on many occasions, he had to stay in some prison before returning to La Paz. In total, the former director of the Fondioc was locked up in 57 precincts.

Adolfo Chávez, from the Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (Coica), recommended that the family file a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) because the abuses aimed to “learn” all the natives who dare to denounce the authorities.

The Council of the Magistracy, for its part, intervened yesterday 21 disciplinary courts of the country’s departmental courts of justice, due to irregularities. The president of the Judiciary, Marvin Molina, said that there are complaints against dozens of judges throughout the country.


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