Mar del Plata: the young man who traveled to have fun with friends he met on networks and found the worst ending in Playa Grande

Mar del Plata: the young man who traveled to have fun with friends he met on networks and found the worst ending in Playa Grande

MAR DEL PLATA.- The last photo that Peter Ignatius Bertelli uploaded to his Instagram account shows him alone, posing in the parks of the coastal road, at the height of Punta Mogotes. The image is from yesterday and is a record prior to the sequence that he uploaded during his night of fun with acquaintances in a bowling alley, from where he left at dawn and was killed by a bus.

I was 21 years old, He was a native of Tucumán and was on the coast with his parents, who received the worst news in the town of Saint Bernardwhere they had settled to spend these holidays.

It was not easy for the authorities to reach their relatives to tell them what had happened since, as they learned THE NATIONBertelli was not here with any of his friends from the neighborhood or from other groups, but He decided to come this last weekend to Mar del Plata after contacting a large group of Tucuman people who were in this city through social networks.

In fact, as noted in his Instagram posts, he has been shown here since last Saturday on different beaches and landscapes, always in an environment with companies of his age. Both in photos and videos.

From those records it can be determined that this last night he went to Mr. Jones, one of the disco-bars that Playa Grande has, where he was shown dancing with boys and girls whom he tagged with some messages about the good times they were having.

These acquaintances of these days they had no contact from Bertelli’s family. For this reason, both the police and the municipality moved forward with efforts to reach, through third parties, a direct line with the young man’s parents.

The couple was on a trip this morning from San Bernardo to comply with all the papers and documentation of the death and the legal case. It is still unknown when and how they will carry out the transfer of their son’s remains.

The group with which Bertelli had established a relationship and even would have given him accommodation during these days in Mar del Plata finished his vacation on the coast and returned to Tucumán today. Several of them had to testify in the case investigated by this culpable homicideas it appears in the instruction that is processed in the Criminal Offenses Prosecutor’s Office.

Waiting for images from security cameras that would ratify the version, for the investigation it is understood that Bertelli was going to cross the street, at the height of Parque San Martín when he leaned on an Ecosport truck parked next to the curb and slipped. He fell under the rear wheels of the bus and his death was instant.

By night and by day, Bertelli made his journey evident during these days with new friends in Mar del Plata. The tragedy surprised him when he was living days of happiness and had left him visible on networks, with a last message that contrasts with his final one: “Pal I remember a quiet weekend with my people,” he wrote.


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