MaMagazine is born, a magazine about motherhood without taboos, Media

MaMagazine is born, a magazine about motherhood without taboos, Media

Currently there are countless magazines dedicated to the care of children, but few that speak openly about the entire culture that revolves around motherhood. It is born for this MaMagazine, an independent editorial project that focuses on caring for the mother. Published in both digital and paper formats, MaMagazine is not a “read and throw away” magazine, but is conceived as a monograph in which, issue after issue and behind a conceptual umbrella, broader aspects of the motherhood culture. Victoria Gabaldón, its creator, explains that “this magazine was born through a collective financing project, making our members our tribe. It is not just a publication, it is a reading experience in which even the paper makes you feel and a place to approach to learn about motherhood”.

The great contribution of this magazine is talk about maternity hospitals, without taboos and without reservationstelling stories for women that are not from magazines. In its 112 pages, the interviews are combined with opinion articles, reports, cultural recommendations and news.

The next issue will be released to coincide with Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on May 1, a unique opportunity to offer a gift truly designed for them. In addition, it offers the possibility of subscribing and receiving it at home each edition, four a year, with a high quality of printing and image in the design. “There are many maternity magazines where everything revolves around the baby. Moreover, they have told us that motherhood is a process of absolute surrender covered in myths and taboos that have only made women invisible and have caused harm, generating a lot of frustration”, explains Victoria. “For many mothers – and even for those who decide not to be – it is time to break down those barriers by offering truthful, honest and open information to be able to make the right decisions.” Because this is the objective of the magazine: to show motherhood in a plural way and without prejudice. In it all the “B sides” of motherhood have space: perinatal mental health, postpartum, obstetric violence, abortion or upbringing outside the heteronorm.

While Volume I —the new baby boomer— is devoted to the impact of motherhood on women, Volume II delves into the relationship between motherhood, creation and desire. This new issue, which will be available in bookstores the first week of May or to which you can subscribe through the web, will feature the participation of multidisciplinary experts and real stories that will show, as its slogan says, the honest and the brutal behind motherhood. This issue consolidates a project that, to date, has received very good reviews, such as those received from Esther Ferrero (Doppler Effect, Radio 3), who says: “honesty is the secret of this project, the portrait of a maternity beautiful and raw”; Mariángeles García, from Yorokobu, who says that “There are dedicated mothers, almost perfect, who comply with the canons, and there are others, those who break the deck and claim the right to imperfection, to make mistakes and to live and feel motherhood otherwise. MaMagazine addresses the latter”; or Carmen G. de la Cuelva, from El Diario, who said that “MaMagazine is a sincere embrace, it works as a mechanism of reciprocity: the other knows your story, and in turn, can tell you theirs. And so, behind the mother who gets up early to write a few hours before her children open their eyes, there is another mother who will read that text and she will feel less alone”.


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