Madrid “preferred city” by the Spanish to travel


Madrid continues unstoppable both in economic data and in recognitions and awards that the tourism industry awards worldwide. Thus, this week again, a study in this case of Hosteltur Spanish travel trendsprepared by the communication consultancy LLYC, has highlighted the capital of Spain as the “preferred city” by Spaniards to travel and is perceived as a “mainly cultural” destination.

If Madrid was already the best tourist destination for meetings in the world after the recognition given by the awards World Travel Awards in its twenty-seventh edition, now the capital “is preferred by Spaniards to travel, followed by Barcelona, ​​which has dropped eight points in the last three years, and is followed on the scale by Valencia or Seville”, explained the Tourism area of ​​the Madrid City Council.

BesidesSpain has received during the year 2021 a total of 28,785 million euros in foreign investment, being in this case the Madrid’s community the region that leads the collection of funds from abroad, with 20,943 million, 73% of the total. All these data confirm the magnitude of the project undertaken both by the Community of Madrid and by the City Council itself.

But according to the Hosteltur report Spanish travel trendsinterest in urban and nature tourism grows and loses that of sun and beach. Madrid appears in the number one position in the ranking of cities, among which are also New York, London, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo, Paris or Seville.

Likewise, it is the first in the table in all the analyzed attributes of urban destinations, both in health security and in heritage culture, sustainability, gastronomy, adventure and wellness.

“Madrid is the city preferred by Spaniards to travel and has 38% of the mentions within the city category, very far from Barcelona (17%), and Seville and Valencia (11%)”, the Consistory has underlined.

The Hosteltur study also shows that, among all the autonomous communities, Madrid is positioned «by far» as the main destination for Spaniards, both nationally and internationally.

«If in 2019 it represented 18% of the preferences of the Spaniards, emerges reinforced from the pandemic and closes 2021 with 20%0.1 points more than in 2020 and two points more than in 2019. Andalusia stands as the second preferred destination and the Balearic Islands, the third”, the City Council has detailed.

Cultural and sustainable destination

Hosteltur also reveals in its report that the capital continues to be perceived by Spaniards as a destination mainly cultural (45%) as also happens to Malaga (39%) and Seville and Barcelona (37%). The destination in which gastronomy has the greatest weight is La Rioja.

It should also be noted that Madrid ranks first among cities in seven of the eight attributes that define sustainable destinations (seal, community support, renewable energy or sustainable mobility).


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