Machu Picchu: PeruRail suspends train service from this Thursday due to road blockage

Machu Picchu: PeruRail suspends train service from this Thursday due to road blockage

| Photo: Andean Agency

The tourist service train company PeruRailthat operates in Cusco, announced that due to the indefinite stoppage that is observed in the district of Machu PicchuCusco province of Urubamba, Ferrocarril Transandino SA (Fetransa), the railway concession company, Railway operations on this route will be suspended, starting this Thursday, May 19.

This morning it was learned that citizens of the area They blocked at least three points of the railway that he directs to the archaeological sanctuary, as part of the indefinite strike called by the Machu Picchu Community Struggle Committee.

Thus, on average 3 thousand travelers will not be able to continue their journey this Thursday. This could complicate the reactivation of the tourism sector.

Given this, the company PeruRail will suspend all its train services on the route to Macchu Picchu until further notice as prevention against further blockages of the railway line.

The company announced that they will wait for the notification of the concessionaire that authorizes (Fetransa) the circulation of trains on the route, to report on the reestablishment of its operations.

Our company will provide the necessary assistance to the passengers of its train services. In that sense, passengers who wish to change the date of their trip will be able to make the modifications at our points of sale and according to the availability of services”, they indicated.

They also indicated that the modifications for travel agencies will be made in the offices of the Wanchaq station and El Sol avenue, according to availability; while returns through the mail returns@perurail.compoints out. For more information and assistance, the company asked that they be contacted through its telephone exchange +51 084 581860.

Finally, they regretted the discomfort that these measures may generate for passengers.; however, they specified that they are due to situations beyond the control of the company and seek to prioritize the safety of passengers and workers over the indefinite unemployment.

It should be noted that the community members of Machupicchu called for a strike that could imply the taking of the hiram bingham highway leading to the archaeological sanctuary.

These citizens demand the company Consettur in charge of the trips Machupicchu town and the citadel of Machupicchuthat allows them to enter the route. Through a statement they apologized to the visitors and called on the railway companies to suspend their activities due to the protest.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) He reported that he is carrying out a series of coordinations to safeguard the integrity of national and foreign tourists in the face of the announced strike in the district of Machupicchu, and called for dialogue to resolve conflicts.

Mincetur explained that the communities of the district of Machupicchu will initiate a protest because the Resolution of the Urban and Rural Development Management would be breached N° 061-2022-GDUR-MPU, dated March 15, 2022, issued by the Provincial Municipality of Urubamba, which authorizes the community company Inversiones Sumaq Ayllu San Antonio de Torontoy SA to operate the tourist transport service on the Aguas Calientes–Puente Ruinas–Llaqta de Machu Picchu route, a route currently operated exclusively by Consettur SAC


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