Luis Díaz has beaten Firmino, Minamino and Origi in 23 games in his beginnings in Liverpool | Colombians Abroad

 Luis Díaz has beaten Firmino, Minamino and Origi in 23 games in his beginnings in Liverpool |  Colombians Abroad

It is no secret to anyone that Luis Díaz has come to Liverpool to revolutionize world football. His arrival in January has been full of joy, not only for Colombia, but for the whole world. Watching him play without a doubt is a soccer delight for a Saturday, Sunday, or weekday plan. So much so that in less than half a year, he has already managed to overcome the beginnings of his own teammates when they arrived at Anfield.

Many doubts generated the arrival of Luis Díaz to Liverpool. Well, it was not known if he was going to unseat any player in the ‘Reds’ attack, or if he was going to fit in well with Jürgen Klopp’s game system. At 25 years old, and despite his excellent performances with FC Porto, it was thought that the peasant would be a bit of a whiz at one of the best teams in the world. However, his performances were showered with incessant praise, and he even managed to change the perspective of Premier figures.

Luis Díaz fitted in perfectly, he won the affection of Jürgen Klopp and his teammates. Although it is said that Sadio Mané and Mohammed Salah do not pass him, the Colombian denies those rumors with assists to the Senegalese as seen against Aston Villa.

The impact of Luis Díaz is so exorbitant in Liverpool, that he only needed 45 minutes to be the figure chosen by Uefa in the match against Villarreal at the Ceramics. Díaz earned positive words from referents such as Rio Ferdinand, Paddy Kenny, who maintained that he is the best winter signing in the world, and Robert Pirès, who did not hesitate to say that he will be one of the best players in the world.

Luis Diaz continues to respond to praise with his speed, approach, and daring on the left flank on a regular basis, but Jürgen Klopp has rotated his position into central and sometimes right, proving his worth anywhere on the left. court.

A similar case was that of James Rodríguez in his first steps at Real Madrid when he surpassed Zinedine Zidane’s numbers in the first season. According to Diario Marca, the Frenchman on his arrival in the Spanish capital played 31 games, scored seven goals and provided five assists, while the Colombian played 29 games, scored 13 goals and assisted 13 goals. They say that much of that substitution of the ’10’ was due to overcoming the Frenchman when he was the strategist.

However, it is a vivid case that it was not known if it was true or not, since it was the information that reached Colombia. Luis Díaz is going down these paths, beating Roberto Firmino, Divock Origi and Takumi Minamino who have been at Liverpool longer.

‘Lucho’ has played 23 games with the ‘Reds’ and has managed to revolutionize the squad. Fortunately, the hug with Roberto Firmino shows that there is no problem with breaking the Brazilian’s numbers as was speculated with James Rodríguez and Zinedine Zidane.

Of those 23 games, Luis Díaz has had an impact on the opposite goal in ten. These incidents refer to six goals and four assists that he has provided. He still without doubles, and without more than one goal pass in games, but his impact and his revolution on the pitch is becoming more and more present.

Statistics don’t lie. His six goals and four assists in 23 games surpass Roberto Firmino’s goal and three assists, as well as Divock Origi’s five goals and one assist. While, with the Japanese, Takumi Minamino, in his first 23 games, he saw the net three times and gave an assist.

There are only 23 games in which Luis Díaz has broken the statistics in his own team, consolidating himself as a fundamental card. Without a doubt, the guajiro will continue giving what to talk about to close this season with better numbers than he already harvests.



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