Luana is from Carlos Paz, she was selected to represent Argentina in the Continental Skate Cup and she needs our help to be able to travel

Luana is from Carlos Paz, she was selected to represent Argentina in the Continental Skate Cup and she needs our help to be able to travel

The athlete from Carlospacense Luana Altamirano was summoned to be part of the Argentine Figure Skating Team that will travel to Paraguay to compete in the Continental Cup. In order to pay for the trip, she looks for sponsors to accompany her and sells raffles.

At the age of 15 and after a great performance, the local athlete was selected to represent Argentina in the continental contest.

“The truth is that it is a dream come true. This is a job that we have been doing since 2020 with my three teachers. Virginia Mallada, Santiago Greppi Y Barbara Saporiti. They and my family are a very important pillar for me,” he said. Luana a Carlos Paz Live!.

the effort is worth

Without effort there is no reward, they say, and that is something that the local skater is clear about. ” I go to school and train for 3 to 4 hours from Monday to Friday, sometimes even on Saturdays. I have just presented myself in two evaluations to form the selected one: in one I was a substitute and now it finally happened and I am the owner“, counted and recounted: We are very happy to have achieved this that we have been pursuing for a long time. Wearing the light blue and white I think is the dream of any athlete”.

When and where

The contest will be from June 13 to 20 in Asunción and the 3 best athletes from each country by category will participate. From there, the best will access the intercontinental final to be played in Germany. It will be the athlete’s second international experience, although the previous one was promotional and she was not part of the team.

Luana will be part of the Argentine skate team

Like so many disciplines, Luana’s is amateur and implies greater difficulty when it comes to generating the necessary resources to be able to compete. “Sport is very demanding, both for us and for the family. For example, one of the meshes that I use for the evaluation has a cost of 32 thousand pesos and the maintenance and change of skates also has a very high cost, “she remarked and added: As for the trip, the cost is 1,500 dollars And to that I must add the transfer from Carlos Paz to Ezeiza. The cost of the Argentine team is 50 thousand pesos”.

How to collaborate?

“With my family we released a contribution bonus with a value of 250 pesos that contains more than 25 prizes. Besides, We are looking for a sponsor of any kind for a Carlos Paz flag and my parents opened a Mercado Pago for those who want and can collaborate, whatever the amount.” counted.

Those interested may purchase their contribution bonus by contacting 3541675070 or through Instagram to the account @luaaltamirano.

For those who want to collaborate with a transfer or deposit:

Luana Aime Altamirano
CBU/CVU: 0000003100008136885030
Aliases: luarumboaparaguay
CUIT: 27478247910
FREE MARKET / Payment Market


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