LGTBI trips that guarantee your fun trips when you travel

LGTBI trips that guarantee your fun trips when you travel

Although more and more cities and countries experience the presence of homosexual tourists normally, homophobia is still present in many corners of the world. A report published in December by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), estimated the number of countries that, today, continue to criminalize homosexuality, at 69, some of them even with the penalty of death

Of course, none of these countries are recommended for LGBTI travelers. On the other hand, there are other destinations that are very respectful and committed to sexual equality that offer total security. If you are looking for a friendly environment that guarantees fun, take note. Taking into account the implementation of the new European vaccination passport, we propose five destinations on the continent where you will be welcome.



Fishing boats in the port of Marsaxlokk (Malta)


Malta has been crowned best LGTBI destination for the sixth consecutive year, according to the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map index. The archipelago, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, to the south of Italy, is not only number 1 on the Old Continent and one of the most gay-friendly of the world, but it is a place whose attractiveness is beyond any doubt. It is known for its lively nightlife, but also for its ancient historical legacy and its spectacular beaches with turquoise waters, which have earned it the setting for numerous films.

Upon landing in Malta, the tourist immediately feels at home. The only three inhabited islands in the archipelago are Malta -the largest-, Gozo and Comino, each one of them different from the other. While the last two are quiet corners in which to get lost, in Malta the atmosphere is guaranteed. In addition to savoring delicious cuisine, you will enjoy having a drink in one of the countless LGBTI venues, such as the Monaliza Lounge, the Rubies or the Birdcage lounge, among others. In Gozo it is essential to go to the Dar Tal-Kaptan Boutique House or the Palace, whose spa with infinity pool on the roof leaves no one indifferent.


A gay couple in the center of Copenhagen

A gay couple in the center of Copenhagen

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If you look north, set your destination in Copenhagen, a city open and committed to gay rights for many years. And it is that the Danish capital created in 1948 the National Association for Gays and Lesbians (LGBT Denmark), the first of these characteristics in the world and four decades later, it was a pioneer in the recognition of the union between people of the same sex. With this cover letter you can relax; in any local you will be welcome, although if you prefer gay bars or clubs, you will find them in the center, around Stroget, the popular shopping street.

There are for all likes. You cannot miss the Centralhjornet, the oldest gay bar in Europe -on its website they point out that it dates back to 1917-, nor the Masken Bar & GAY Copenhagen, one of the best and longest-running nightclubs in the country. Among the collective, the Café Intime, in Fredriksberg, also stands out, a place that usually offers live jazz sessions. And, to eat, the Jailhouse, a restaurant also LGTBI in which the waiters wear uniforms.


Super Paradise, one of the most famous gay beaches in Mykonos

Super Paradise, one of the most famous gay beaches in Mykonos


On a list of European destinations LGBT friendly You could not miss Mykonos, a hospitable, beautiful and open-minded Cycladic island where you will feel at home. Whitewashed houses and patios full of flowers, crystal clear waters, spectacular beaches and how not? numerous venues and nightclubs that attract tourists from all over the world. In Mykonos it is possible to enjoy the most absolute tranquility and also its wild atmosphere.

It has many secluded beaches near the capital, Chora, and many claim that it has the best sand in the Aegean. One of the most famous gay beaches is Super Paradise, with crystal clear waters and a small nudist cove, known by locals as Plintri. Paranga Beach, Agrari Beach -more isolated- or Elia Beach are also especially noteworthy. As far as leisure is concerned, the offer is extremely varied, from Ikaros Gay Bar, with different atmospheres, to Ramrod Club Gay Bar, with a large terrace overlooking the port, or Porta Gay Bar, all of them in the capital, to numerous places foot of beach

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Vienna stands out for its tolerance

Third parties

The history of Vienna is full of homosexual references -from emperors to composers, passing through generals and princesses-, which is why its inhabitants are most tolerant of foreigners. The Austrian capital, in addition to an interesting LGTBI leisure offer, delights with unique establishments. One of them is the Löwenherz bookstore for gays and lesbians with a wide catalog of international novels and works, illustrated books, magazines and DVDs.

One of the places with the most atmosphere is Villa Vida, an original cafe with a bar and restaurant decorated in turquoise, where it is also possible to have a cocktail. Here, on Sundays, the Queen’s Brunch takes place, during which drag queens entertain diners. Other places are the Santo Spirito, open until late, located in a small side street next to the cathedral of San Esteban or the Why Not, the oldest gay place in the capital.


Le Marais district of Paris

Le Marais district of Paris

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If you decide on Paris as a getaway destination, you cannot miss Le Marais, in the 4th arrondissement, a former residential neighborhood of the Parisian aristocracy now occupied by the gay community. There is no doubt that the area, where the Pompidou Center and Victor Hugo’s house are located, will surprise you with its boutiques, galleries and countless trendy establishments. Near the Saint-Paul metro station, you will find Banana Café, famous for its shows, which in summer also has a terrace.

The French capital is huge, which is why you will discover establishments scattered throughout other parts of the city, such as the new Raymond Bar Club, in the Montorgueil district. Or, if you want to enjoy something different, on Sunday nights, Rosa Bonheur, in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, organizes the most entertaining evenings in a beer garden. Are you going to miss it?

Homophobia is still present in many corners of the world


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