León bets on the national destination in the post-covid year with 10% more expensive vacations

León bets on the national destination in the post-covid year with 10% more expensive vacations

Travel agencies return to record traffic and people from León wanting to organize their vacations.

Travel agencies recover 60% of the income obtained in 2019, but they will not reach the same benefits until 2024 | The Caribbean triumphs among the options abroad

Travel agencies are receiving customers again and that, in itself, is great news for them. After two years with practically empty offices, the operators once again feel the desire of the people of León to organize their vacations.

“Booking with advance sales is already working for us and flights from León and trips to the coast are in great demand,” explains Jerónimo Fernández, president of the Provincial Association of Travel Agencies of León (Aprolav).

The destinations

However, the people of Leon continue betting on the national destination, although “a bit of an upturn in international destinations” is beginning to be noticed, the reality is that Andalusia, Valencia and the Balearic and Canary Islands continue to be the favorite places to spend the summer.

For those who choose to leave the Spanish geography, the largest increase is being noted in trips to the Caribbean, while “Europe still costs us a lot.”

More expensive

The president of the Leonese agencies does advance the increase in the cost of the holidays that will take place in 2022.

Inflation and the increase in the price of fuel -especially on flights- is being noted in the final invoice for reservations. “Costs are skyrocketing. In airplanes, gasoline; in hotels, inflation, with electricity or food». On average, the disbursement for this summer will be 10% higher than that registered in previous years.

Agency situation

The sector is still far from the records reached in 2019. In long-distance and international destinations, where they work the most from León, the data places them at 60% of income compared to what was obtained in the year before the pandemic.

“We are happy because we went from doing nothing to people starting to book, but we are far from 2019 levels.” In fact, from Aprolav they place the moment in which they return to those levels in the summer of 2024.

And it is that the Leonese are already beginning to forget about covid-19, and that is noticeable in the insurance reserve for this purpose. “The issue is over. We report the use of masks, but it is not their main problem, ”says Fernández, who now places prices and market development as disadvantages.



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