Leapmotor C01, the world’s first structural battery electric

Leapmotor C01

Leapmotor presented the new C01, its flagship and the world’s first production electric car with a structural battery integrated into its own chassis.

Leapmotora brand specializing in electric vehicles and considered the most technological in the world market, presented the new C01. It is the first zero-emission car in China and the world to mount a structural battery integrated into the chassis itself.

According to Leapmotor, compared to the conventional solution, this configuration allows a reduction of up to 20% in the number of componentsa 15 kg reduction in weight and a 14.5% increase in battery layout space.

Now this model will enter to compete in the segment of the Tesla Model S, Mercedes EQE, Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan. It has a body 5.05 meters long, a distance between axis of 2,930 mm and a trunk of 469 liters.

Leapmotor C01

In fact, in its propulsion system there is a 272hp with a special peculiarity: its small size, barely 85 kilos. Depending on the brand, it has a minimum duration of a million kilometers.

In addition, the vehicle will also feature a very powerful and radical versionwhich will incorporate two motors, total traction, as well as a power of 545 hp and 700 Nm of torque. This system will allow you to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

What’s more, the battery will have two capacities and up to five versions: one of 76.6 kWh and another of 90 kWh. Thanks to this they will offer autonomy between 500 Y 717 kilometers, depending on the configuration.

Leapmotor C01

Leapmotor C01


On the other hand, the model has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processor that will be in charge of managing the infotainment system. It also includes facial recognition technology Face ID, which can be automatically associated with 25 configurations to adapt to the customer’s habits and thus open it automatically.

In addition, it incorporates the Virtual Android system compatible with more than 99% of applications for the Google system. This allows unlock the vehicle with a smart watch or use assistants like Siri to configure some elements of the model.

It also has a powerful autonomous drivingthe Leapmotor Pilot, which comes standard with eight high-precision sensing elements, 23 intelligent driving assistance functions controlled by two chips and total computing power of 8.4 TOPS.

Leapmotor C01

Leapmotor C01

In fact, one could speak of a level 2 system, that is, it can circulate autonomously on highways, park automatically and access high-precision maps to perform functions such as entering and exiting parking ramps.

Also, optimal lane planning, autonomous overtaking and automatic adjustment of the speed limit, depending on the navigation. Anyway, the cheaper version It will go for 25,300 euros and the most expensive at 38,000 euros.

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