Laughter, fun and message of solidarity with Pepe Viyuela

Laughter, fun and message of solidarity with Pepe Viyuela

The students enjoyed the performance and did not hesitate to ‘overwhelm’ Pepe Viyuela with questions to learn more about his work. / CE

The students of the Prince of Spain know the work of the NGOPaysos sin Fronteras, to which they will allocate the proceeds from their cultural week

A guitar and a chair was all that Pepe Viyuela needed to catch the attention of a large part of the Prince of Spain’s students gathered in the civic center’s auditorium to enjoy a good dose of humor and verify that not all clowns give fear, as one of the students thanked the protagonist of a meeting that the school framed in its cultural week, focused this year on the circus, taking advantage of the 50th anniversary of ‘How are you?’ of Gabi, Fofó and Miliki; and that it served Viyuela to publicize the work carried out by the NGO Clowns without Borders, of which he is one of its 150 members.

His objective yesterday in Miranda was clear: “to contribute, as far as we can, to raising social awareness against violence, wars…”. And it is that, as Viyuela explained, the group’s mission is to “put ourselves at the service of all those causes that have the purpose of causing laughter, especially in boys and girls.”

Although their contribution is not material, it is essential, because the internal reconstruction of the human being” must also be taken into account after a catastrophe or a situation of danger and uncertainty. «It has been scientifically proven that the problems of depression, anguish and fear that the child population of these places carries are alleviated if the playful aspect is reinforced, with music, theater… with the tools that we people of culture use, ultimately,” he said.

But it is not always given the value and importance it has because “it is very difficult to quantify it. What remains inside the people who have lived a moment of relaxation does not only last the time in which they are living it, it continues afterwards. The feeling of hope nests in one and that is why we continue working ».

And they are going to do it with the support of the Prince of Spain, who is going to donate to the NGO the proceeds from the ‘sponsors’ that, between family and friends, each of the students of the Prince of Spain who are going to participate in the cross school. For each turn they make, they will add an amount.

They are also going to put up for sale on the 26th a good number of books that they have withdrawn in recent months from their library, immersed in a renovation process thanks to a project that was approved by the center. “The school is 50 years old and there are copies to give and take,” said the director Lydia Marcelo, who hopes to be able to give a new life to the copies for a symbolic price and obtain money that, added to the race, will be delivered jointly to Clowns Without Borders. “It is also a way of involving students,” she settled.



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