La Trochita rejoins El Maitén with Ñorquinco

El Viejo Expreso Patagónico “La Trochita”, volverá a unir El Maiten con Ñorquinco. Fotos: Rodrigo Infantino.

In this train the history of the towns is lived, the noise of the rail is heard and the cold of the snowy fields is felt in the misted windows. As they say on the page: «Someone once said “La Trochita is like love, it takes time but it arrives”. During Holy Week and, after 15 years, the Old Patagonian Express joined Chubut and Río Negro with passengers. He resumed a journey full of emotions, of unique landscapes and now he is marching again, since May 21.

The Trochita is a living relic of a very rich history. The branch from Ingeniero Jacobacci to Esquel was part of an ambitious route that sought to integrate all of Patagonia with the national rail network. Initially, the train only carried cargo, but from 1950 became a means of transportation of the inhabitants of those towns and tourists also began to travel.

When in 1993 the national government decided to close this branch, among many, everyone sought to stop it. For the inhabitants of those places to which the train had given lifeLa Trochita could not stop marching.

The country raised its voice against the closure and the governments of Río Negro and Chubut took over the operation of La Trochita, so that become one of the tourist icons of Patagonia. Río Negro maintains a similar service between the towns of Ingeniero Jacobacci and Ojos de Agua.

Photos: Rodrigo Infantino.

“The Trochita continues to run on its narrow gauge roads to tell tourists from all over the world stories of an epic and sacrificed Patagonia in the first person. It is a witness that withstood the passage of time thanks to the commitment of railway workers who take care of this unique cultural heritage, ”say those who write their stories daily and invite them to go up.

On Saturday 21, at 10 in the morning the activities will begin with a guided tour of the general car and locomotive repair shops. That was the main workshop of the entire branch and hierarchizes an immense historical and technological heritage that El Maitén and the Province of Chubut preserve with pride.

“It is where you seeLet’s go to the railway workers who handcraft pieces that are no longer built industrially, to keep this National Historic Monument alive”, they maintained from the administration of La Trochita.

Photos: Rodrigo Infantino.

At 11 in the morning, it will be the departure to Ñorquinco in Río Negro. During the tour you will pass over the bridge that crosses the Chubut River, you will also be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape of the El Maitén valley, the productive sectors and the ranches.

After little more than an hour, in which a stretch of 35 kilometers will travel, the horn will sound when you get to Ñorquinco. “There we will find artisan and gastronomic stalls. Water will be loaded and the necessary maneuvers will be carried out to be able to return, estimating arriving at El Maitén at three in the afternoon,” they reported.

How much does it cost to travel on the Trochita from El Maitén to Ñorquinco?

The current rates from April 1, 2022 until August 31 are:

International: $12,000.
Senior National Resident: $7,000.
Retired National Resident/College Student: $5,700.
Minor National Resident: (from 6 to 12 years old): $5,000.
Senior Provincial Resident: $5,500.
Minor Provincial Resident: (from 6 to 12 years old): $4,700.
Resident El Maitén, Ñorquinco and Andean Region: $3,500.
Children under 5 years of age: they travel Free (without occupying a seat).

Photos: Rodrigo Infantino.


Tickets can be booked through the email

They can be purchased at the Agencia Grado 42 in El Bolsón or at the Esquel and Trevelin travel agencies.


Photos: Rodrigo Infantino.

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