Keylor wins his 18th title in Europe with PSG and enhances his legacy in CONCACAF

Keylor wins his 18th title in Europe with PSG and enhances his legacy in CONCACAF

Navas continues to write a success story at PSG, in the midst of the most critical moment regarding his future

In a controlled game, where they managed the times without the desperation of going for the victory in a rush, the PSG managed to add a point that allowed him to be crowned champion of Ligue 1 with a Keylor Navas who was in goal for 90 minutes.

One point was what the Parisian team needed to win the league title, with four more games remaining to finish the tournament, due to the difference of 16 (points) that they already have at this moment with the second place, the Olympic from Marseilles.

For this duel, Mauricio Pochettino decided to trust Keylor Navas, he gave the Tico the responsibility of being the starting goalkeeper with the mission of playing an impeccable game to win the cup without any surprises and the Tico fulfilled it, in part, thanks to the good defensive work of his teammates preventing the lens would manage to have clear arrivals.

The PSG became master and owner of the shares, but failed in the last quarter of the court, both Kylian Mbappe What Neymar They did not arrive on their best day, letting go of at least three clear scoring opportunities in the first half.

For the complement, the control continued in the PSG side that wanted to look for a goal that would give more seasoning to the achievement of the title, but they took a ball from Mbappé on the goal line already Leo Messi he was denied a free throw over 57 minutes, in a foul that got Kevin Danso ejected.

However, the padlock broke at minute 68, the local team suffocated the visitor, looked for space until Neymar located Messi outside the area, handed it to him on his left leg, the Argentine outlined himself and took out a strong and placed shot that ended at the back of the net in what was not only a great goal, it was the goal of the championship.

Everything already had party overtones in the Parque de Los Príncipes, the PSG he relaxed, he did not look for another goal and in defense they left spaces that Lens took advantage of to score a goal that no one expected when the clock was running out.

There were three minutes left until the 90th minute when the visitors put together a good move, took a cross from the left sector and Corentin Jean appeared behind the entire defense to tie the game.

This result did not alter the achievement of the title for the Paris Saint Germainbut without a doubt if it overshadowed the party, because at the end of the match, the fans let their players know that they were not happy with the way in which they were crowned champions.

With his second title Ligue 1 in your window, Keylor Navas He has previously won five important awards in France, two French Cups, one League Cup and another Super Cup.

With the real MadridKeylor won three UEFA champions leaguethree European Super Cups, and four Club World Cups, with local titles, managed to win a Spanish League and also a Spanish Super Cup.

As confirmed by Stats & Info from ESPNKeylor Navas surpassed Rafa Márquez the previous year, who in his showcase has 15, with that he ranked as the player of CONCACAF most winning in all history.



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