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JumpingClay was born in 1998 and since then it has promoted learning and fun through its 100% safe and toxic-free clays.


JumpingClay encourages learning with its clay.

JumpingClay was first launched in South Korea in 1998, and it wasn’t until ten years later that it began to inspire the imagination of little ones in the UK and Ireland. In 2018 they opened their first production hub in Portugal, their first in European territory, and their products are currently distributed by DreamToys.


JumpingClay offers different collections, like this one dedicated to dinosaurs.

From the company they are proud to develop 100% safe clay products that dry in the air, and they ensure that all their articles have been rigorously tested and have passed the most important certifications at an international level and throughout Europe.


Another of the JumpinClay collections is dedicated to professions.

Features of JumpingClay

JumpingClay clay is a magical molding material that allows you to bring your imagination to life, and has the following characteristics:

  • create your own toys
  • Natural air drying
  • 100% safe and toxic free
  • It mixes like paint
  • easy to clean product
  • with essence of jasmine
  • very soft and light
  • self-adhesive
  • bounce

his philosophy

Learning through play is vital for the development of boys and girls, they say from JumpingClay, adding that playing with our products stimulates all the senses and offers a three-dimensional space to shape the educational environment. For the company, using JumpingClay as a manual learning tool reinforces the development and education of children, while learning by doing. JumpingClay products help excellent students go even further, and struggling students master complex concepts.


With JumpingClay the little ones can also mold their best friends, the dogs.

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