Juan Valdez and La Hermosita come together to promote Colombian coffee

Sebastián Mejía y Raul Armengol

Juan Valdez Cafea brand that has represented Colombian coffee in the world for more than 60 years, joins forces with the group that owns the chain of pastry shops and coffee shops The Hermosita to lead the expansion strategy of the coffee brand in Spain.

Sebastian Mejia and Raul Armengol. Photo: Juan Valdez and La Hermosita.

This collaboration between brands will start with the remodeling of the three stores that the Juan Valdez Café brand already has in Spain, in the shopping centers of La Gavia, El Ferial and Príncipe Pío. The strategic union between both companies foresees a expansion plan with more than 100 stores in the national geography for 2027.

Juan Valdez, willing to gain presence in Spain

The origin of the Colombian coffee brand is found in the coffee growers from this country. Decades ago they took on the challenge of offering a premium craft and high quality coffee.

Juan Valdez
Photo: Juan Valdez.

In the year 2002the Juan Valdez brand took a big step in its proposal with the opening of its first establishment at the El Dorado airport in BogotáColombia.

Three years later he made the international leap and entered the United States market with its first establishment. Since then the brand has done nothing but grow and is currently present with more than 150 coffee shops in 17 countries.

La Hermosita will help promote the strategic plan of the coffee brand

Chain of La Hermosita, For its part, it was born last February as the new corporate identity of the chain Juliettes, and it has 11 locations spread over the Madrid’s community.

Now the alliance between The Hermosita Y Juan Valdez comes to promote the strategic plan of the coffee brand in our country. It must be taken into account that Spain has a coffee market size of 1,860 million euros. These data place it as the twelfth country with the largest market volume worldwide, according to euro monitor.

La Hermosita and Juan Valdez
Design of the future Juan Valdez store. Photo: Juan Valdez and La Hermosita.

A union to achieve a repositioning in the country

Sebastián Mejía, International Vice President of Juan Valdez Café, has declared: “From the brand of Colombian coffee growers, we always we are looking to capitalize on expansion opportunities with our premium 100% Colombian coffee. For this reason, we partner with La Hermosita to achieve this goal in Spain. It is a high-impact market on the European continent that is currently growing steadily in terms of coffee consumption.”

In additionRaúl Armengol, CEO of La Hermosita has indicated: “This is a great opportunity to learn from the experience of a great brand like Juan Valdez, where the product comes from its origin, from the coffee growers themselves to the consumer. with this association we want to unite the knowledge, tradition, effort and perseverance of generations of coffee growers with the youth of the team to start the expansion and repositioning of the brand in Spain».

La Hermosita and Juan Valdez
Design of the future Juan Valdez store. Photo: Juan Valdez and La Hermosita.

Since its origins, the Juan Valdez brand has been committed to values ​​such as sustainability, inclusion and gender equity. In this way it has managed to establish itself as the the only international brand that belongs to more than 540,000 coffee-growing families. Currently, it has various programs aimed at the multidimensional development of women and young coffee growers such as ‘Mujeres Cafeteras’ and ‘Renacer’.

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