Jon Favreau defends himself against criticism for the Boba Fett series

The Book of Boba Fett

The Book of Boba Fett received some criticism from Star Wars fans. Now, Jon Favreau responds to these negative opinions.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Jon Favreau wanted to defend the transformation of goofy fett from hero to villain. The bounty hunter series was criticized by a sector of the fans of Star Warsbut the filmmaker is sure they did the right thing. This transformation was strategic on the part of the character of Temuera Morrison. The director has stated that it is similar to that of don corleone in The Godfathersince you cannot deal with the good if there is not a political balance beforehand.

“Think Don Corleone,” Jon Favreau began to explain about boba fett book. “There is an enormous amount of restraint in his personal because he knows better than anyone that, to be sustainable, there has to be peace first. He can’t go well for you unless there is a political balance. You cannot win if there is a conflict. One ends up thinking that things are off limits. Don Corleone didn’t just go out of his way to line his pockets as his criminal career progressed.”

Jon Favreau has also mentioned that there are many ways to run a criminal empire. He has compared Boba Fett to the interpretation of Robert DeNiro in The Godfather: Part II. “Watch Robert De Niro in the flashbacks of The Godfather: Part II, walking the streets,” asked the filmmaker who is also responsible for the mandalorian. “He looks like someone who is really creating something, someone who people respect because of the way he carries himself. There are many ways to rule an empire. There’s the Sonny Corleone style, there’s the Michael Corleone style, and then there’s the Vito Corleone style.”

Conan the Barbarian was also an inspiration for the series

While Jon Favreau was inspired by The Godfatherdirector Robert Rodriguez had a really different inspiration to do boba fett book. That inspiration was the character of Conan the barbariancreated by writer Robert E. Howard. According to Favreau, they were really inspired by the development of this wild and primitive pulp hero, especially as his age progresses.

“We talked to Robert Rodriguez about Conan the Barbarian,” admitted Jon Favreau. “Conan starts out as a young warrior. Then he ages through the books until he becomes Conan the King. How is he different from crime lord Boba Fett, knowing all he knows, what he might have been when he was younger? I think he’s just wiser now. He’s also a much older guy than he was in the original trilogy. He’s at a different point in his life from him having experienced what we saw in the previous movies.”


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