Johnny Depp’s former agent claims his bad reputation is due to his behavior on set

Johnny Depp's former agent claims his bad reputation is due to his behavior on set

After the latest statements by Amber Heard in her trial against Johnny Depp, it was the turn of the actor’s former agent, who testified last Thursday. The agent, who has been working with Depp for many years, has stated that the star power that the actor once had has been reduced due to the behavior he has maintained on film sets in recent years. He has even said that Depp, at one point, asked his agency for $20 million because “I needed money”.

Johnny Depp’s problems with his agents come from afar. Tracey Jacobs, a top agent at United Talent Agency, was Depp’s manager for 30 years until she fired her, along with her lifelong lawyer, in 2016. As reported by Variety, Jacobs was connected by videoconference on May 19 and testified that, during the last 10 years that they were working together, Depp used to arrive late to the set, which ended up tarnishing his reputation.. Thus, the situation worsened and it became difficult for them to get jobs.

“In the beginning, people adored him”Jacobs declared. “He always behaved great with everyone, but nobody likes to sit and wait for hours and hours for the star to appear. Apparently, Depp’s ex-agent realized the increase in drug and alcohol use and tried to warn him that he was destroying his career, but she only received screams from the actor in response. His fame has diminished because it is difficult for him to get jobs. It all depended on her behavior out there.”explained the former representative.

Jacobs was not the only one Heard’s lawyers turned to, as They also called Joel Mandel, Johnny Depp’s former business manager, to testify about the actor’s out-of-control spending.. Also by video, Mandel declared that Depp began to lead a life “larger” Y “more expensive” as a result of the great success of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ but, however, subsequent films did not bring him much benefit. “Spending levels had grown a lot. It was necessary to maintain such a high level of income, but the situation became unsustainableexplained the former manager.

In 2015, Mandel warned Depp that his financial situation was “lousy” and advised him to reduce his expenses and sell his French chateau. Although the actor seemed to get the message, Mandel said there wasn’t much following. Depp fired him in 2016 and then sued him. Mandel’s company countersued, claiming that Depp was responsible for his financial problems and documenting the allegation with numerous expenses.

The thing does not stop there

Heard’s attorneys didn’t stop there and called Ellen Barkin. The actress, who shared a cast with Depp in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,’ had a brief relationship with the actor in the 1990s. According to Deadline, Barkin stated that Depp was drunk “most of the time” and recalled an incident in which the actor threw a bottle of wine at him in a hotel room in Las Vegas. “He is a jealous and controlling man”declared the actress. “I always wondered where I was going, with whom or what I was doing at night”.

also testified Tina Newman, Disney Production Executiveon behalf of your company. He was asked about a series of emails in which Disney executives shared news of Depp’s financial tailspin. In one of them, an executive from the Mickey Mouse company simply wrote “sad”. As for the Washington Post article that Depp refers to in his accusation of being cut from a sixth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, Newman said he didn’t know Disney fired him because of that op-ed..


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