Johnny Depp will direct his first film in 25 years (and Al Pacino will produce it)

Johnny Depp will direct his first film in 25 years (and Al Pacino will produce it)

The last months of Johnny Depp they have been marked by their trial for defamation with their ex-partner amber heard: trial that has received a media speaker whose result ended up opting in favor of the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean. Before the process began, however, the conflict with Heard alienated the Hollywood industry towards Depp, abandoning fantastic animals and ending up in Europe to collect awards at festivals… and confirm one project or another. This is how Depp agreed to play the king Louis XV in a future film Maiwenn titled Joan of Barry. It happened after two years without having participated in a film, being The Minamata Photographer his last job.

now to Joan of Barry another ambitious project must be added, according to the hollywood reporter. And it is that Depp has been involved in the gestation of Modigliani, biopic of the italian painter amedeo modigilani who would be in charge of producing… and directing. Something that Depp has not done for 25 years: until now he had only gone behind the cameras to the braveintrigue of 1997 that delved into the world of snuff movies and had Marlon Brando and Depp himself as protagonists (as well as a soundtrack by Iggy-Pop). A priori, Depp would not play anyone in Modiglianilimiting itself to producing together with barry navidi Y Al Pacino.

In effect, the interpreter will also produce Modiglianiin what seems to be a project that he has been pursuing for some time, and in what would mean a fourth collaboration with Depp after sponsoring The merchant of Venice in 2004, the documentary wild salome 2011 and the spin-off feature film, Salome2013. All of these films starred Pacino, but it is unclear if he has also booked a role in Modigliani. In fact, no casting has been revealed yet, although production is planned to begin in the spring of 2023.

“Bringing the life of Mr. Modigliani to the screen makes me feel very honored. It was a life of great hardship but with a triumph at the end: a universally human story that all viewers can relate to.” says Depp. Modigliani is based on a play of the same title by dennis mcintyrethat upon its transfer to the cinema has been adapted by Jerzy and Mary Kromolowski. It’s not about a biopic to use, since Modigliani is set in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, covering the 48 hours it took for Modigliani to become a well-known artist.

“This project has always been very close to Al’s heart”assures the producer Navidi for his part. “He introduced me to the work Modigliani many years ago and I fell in love with her instantly. It is a piece of Modi’s life, not a biography. It has been a dream of mine to work with Johnny – he is a true artist with incredible vision”. Depp has never been a stranger to production during his career, and in fact he was one of the architects of the recent documentary Crock of Gold: Drinking with Shane McGowandedicated to the figure of the vocalist of the Pogas.

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