Jimny big fun

Jimny big fun

There are objects of desire, envy and that attract glances, either to criticize or to praise. Because of its size, its recreational use or simply because it is an extra in our lives that causes happiness. From a young age, many of us call them toys and in adulthood we continue to have them, and we continue to collect more; and that is precisely where the Suzuki Jimny stands, a vehicle that attracts attention for its size, performance, its simplicity, its playful design and it must also be said, there is more than one who turns around to judge it.

After having the opportunity to drive it for a few days in different terrains and styles, beginning with its 4×4 capabilities on a route that was traced from Querétaro to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, in the Jimny Xperience, the mountains, loose stones, slopes and descents, they were the delight of all, with smiles of satisfaction and sometimes nervousness for those who did this experience for the first time. The small all-terrain vehicle of the Japanese brand surprises for being a capable vehicle, with good handling and maneuverability and ease that is the result of its measurements, weight and power.

Pleasant surprises during the almost 8 hours that we were testing all the driving modes and the descent control, which, although we prefer to remove it for more daring driving, helps the best trained adequately and with too much caution.

In this Jimny Xperience caravan no one was left behind to overcome the different stages of the route. COURTESY/C. Alvarez

not for everyone

When we mention the word 4×4, most people expect to see a big, monstrous car with raised suspensions and larger tires than the ones that come in the dealership, and that is where the fun of the Jimny lies, a small vehicle with plenty of torque. , great grip, even with its discreet rims, or with the new optional Toyo brand with a higher profile and approved by the brand so as not to lose the guarantee. So that, the dimensions of this Japanese are limited, a person over one meter and eighty centimeters will have problems finding a comfortable driving position, and obviously we will discount the passenger behind the pilot’s seat. Three people could perhaps fit reasonably in the Jimny, but it’s definitely not a show-stopping vehicle.

The trunk is non-existent and perhaps it could house a row of large bottles, but only that, however by folding down the seats it gives us enough space to store luggage and a cooler, which can be easily reached by the co-pilot to stay hydrated. as is customary in the events of off-road

with few frills

Something that makes the Jimny fall in love, or at least for its followers, is its simplicity, a very basic and retro dashboard, with a small digital cluster in the middle of the tachometer and speedometer, Audio controls, hands-free on the steering wheel and an infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto, are enough to accompany the road. The cloth interiors and the hard plastics on the dashboard are part of the simplicity that makes the Jimny an unpretentious vehicle, a vehicle to enjoy and enjoy, knowing that dirt, loose stones and uneven roads are its natural habitat.

After the experience in the mountains, the next day came a stretch of highway from the city of San Miguel de Allende to Guadalajara. During this trip of just over 4 hours, we verified what many had already commented, due to its dimensions, weight and motorization, the Jimny is not the most daring vehicle on the asphalt, but in reality it should not be, and here it comes the question: is the Jimny a safe vehicle? Yes, it is, and it is not only because of the six bair bags, brake system with ABS, EBD and electronic stability program (ESP, for its acronym in English) but because it handles quite well as long as the safety limits that are marked on the roads of our country are complied with. You have to be patient with overtaking and have a lot of space to do it, it is a tall vehicle with a center of gravity that does not help to make turns with great comfort, but I repeat, following the speed limits you will not have many problems in the handling, even with steering so soft and not so precise.

Once in the city, the routes were enjoyed without any problem and the small dimensions make the Jimny an easy vehicle to maneuver, the power in this case was not a problem because in the end, the average in the city was around the 40km/h

The Jimnys we tested had Toyo off-road tires (optional), with a higher profile. COURTESY/C. Alvarez

In conclusion

The Jimny is a good option if it is understood that it is a vehicle that is going to take us off the asphalt at least a couple of times a month, during the weekly tour in the city it could become a bit tired, it would be appreciated if the seats both pilot and co-pilot had lumbar support, other than that, I think the Jimny is not only a niche vehicle but also a great toy for those who enjoy the off road without complications and without spending 40 minutes trying to get around a single stone. There will be people who criticize it, there will be people who say that it lacks more, and of course there will always be the followers and enthusiasts who are waiting to get hold of one of these little off-road warriors who, in their third pre-sale on the internet carried out by the Suzuki brand last Monday On March 7, they managed to place 1,500 vehicles, the largest number of Jimny vehicles offered in this type of sale, which were removed in just 93 minutes and 14 seconds.

Cesar Alvarez/ San Miguel de Allende


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