“It is a lack of respect on the part of the directors”


The lack of video arbitration is not only criticized on the pitches, the fans also see the need to help the referees

The Women’s MX League has shown great progress since its creation five years ago, however, there are certain pending things that both players and fans have noted.

As well as the low salaries offered by some teams, the absence of the IT WAS has been notorious on and off the pitch, the last doubt revived the need for video arbitration on the Women’s MX League occurred in the semifinals, with a doubtful penalty against pachuca about Rebeca Bernal, Rayadas player.

Although that penalty did not affect the pass from pachuca in the end, yes there were others refereeing errors that during this Closing Tournament 2022 decided markers.

The fans who attended the first leg final at the Hidalgo Stadium noted the absence of the IT WAS on the Women’s MX League In a survey conducted by ESPN.

Erick and Karla, fans of the gophersthey agreed that “it is a clear disadvantage, as everything can have its mistakes, but it has more successes”.

“It is a lack of respect, because if we are already in an egalitarian sport, there must also be all the opportunities for girls,” Karla commented.

Similarly, Javier commented: “It is a lack of responsibility and an oversight of the directors who do not give complete seriousness to the Women’s MX League which is growing a lot. The owners should invest more and take the league more seriously.”

Mariana Marañón, a fan of the gophersbelieve that the lack of IT WAS is another reflection of how unequal the Women’s MX League compared to the male category: “I’m super angry, if I had left the Tuzos you would even see more people. They’re dividing men and women because they don’t have the same thing.”

Lastly, Susana Almacén believes that the IT WAS “It is very much needed, because we are supposed to have the same rights and it would be of great help for the injustices that have been seen, and it would help to equalize things.”


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