“It has a million things I regret.” Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ director thinks it was the biggest flop of his life


2017’s version of ‘The Mummy’ was conceived as the first chapter in an ambitious new cinematic universe of intertwined monster movies, featuring the famous characters from Universal’s library of horror classics. The projects that were announced for the so-called “Dark Universe” they wanted a new Bride of Frankenstein or a new Invisible Man, but the hit from critics and the public shut down the idea of ​​a hit.

Speaking with The Playlist, director Alex Kurtzman, described his experience as painful but positive:

“I tend to share the view that you learn nothing from your successes and everything from your failures. And this was probably the biggest failure of my life, both personally and professionally. There are about a million things I regret.” But she also gave me so many gifts that are inexpressibly beautiful. I didn’t become a director until I made that film, and it wasn’t because it was well directed, it was because it wasn’t.”

The manager adds what:

And as brutal as it was, in many ways, and with as many cooks in the kitchen as there were, I’m still very grateful for the opportunity to make those mistakes because it rebuilt me ​​into a tougher person and it also rebuilt me ​​into a clearer person as a filmmaker. . And that has been a real gift that I feel all the time because now I am very clear that when something is not right, I am no longer silent about it.

The Mummy

I’m literally not going to do anything when I get that feeling. It’s not worth it and you can’t get to this place of gratitude until you’ve been through that kind of experience. Look, if you look at history and look at the people who have done amazing things, each one of them will tell you the same story, which is that it came about after a failure, so now I remember it with gratitude. It took me a while to get there, but my life is better because of it.”

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Kurtzman had had a long career in film and television before ‘The Mummy,’ but mainly as a producer and screenwriter with his former partner, Roberto Orci. Together they worked on the scripts for movies like ‘Transformers’, ‘Star Trek’ or ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’. His latest project is a television version of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’, already released on Showtime.


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