“It could be me”; she goes on a trip, forgets her suitcase and Rappi’s delivery man saves her


  • With the return of confidence to travel, the “forgetfulness” between passengers and airports also returns.

  • The pandemic prompted Mexicans to change their consumption habits, receiving delivery apps with open hands.

  • 56 percent of Mexican consumers have already requested delivery orders.

One user has shown how her sister forgets her suitcase when going to the airport for her tripwhere a Rappi delivery man was his best ally.

The air Transport It is proclaimed as essential today for different alternatives, either to promote tourism worldwide, conduct international business or even to import and export products and benefit different brands, being a journey to take someone (or something) from from one point to another through the air, a sector that was considerably affected during the pandemic.

According to the Statista study where it shows the annual evolution of passenger air transport revenues worldwideSince 2009 and registering 374 billion dollars, this industry was constantly growing until reaching 2019 with 607 billion dollars; but the Covid-19 pandemic did its thing and caused a historic decline, causing it to register only 189 billion dollars in 2020, a figure that is gradually returning to normal.

considering the return of consumer confidence to return to their daily commute, the inconsistencies and oversights presented by both airlines and passengers are also returning; however, these now have endless alternatives to have an efficient experience.

A user on social networks has shown her particular experience, where she shows her sister that forget your suitcase at homeso it was necessary to ask a Rappi delivery man to take it directly to the airport.

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this sister who forget your suitcase when going to the airport has provoked different comments about it from Internet users, who mention “it could easily be me”, “I am going to ask Chayanne for Rappi to see how good they are”, I am Uber and I often take emergency things to universities”, “And the head, I don’t know, did he forget?among other types of comments where users have praised the effectiveness of delivery services today, given their “smallest” oversights.

With the evolution of technologies and the change in consumer habits among customers and users, platforms that focus on offering delivery services they have proven to be well received and quite present today, especially during times of pandemic.

According to data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), the pandemic managed to digitize the consumption habits of Mexicanss, since now 56 percent of the inhabitants of Mexico make food purchases online; but this is not limited to food delivery, but the delivery of products has also demonstrated its presence during the last couple of years, being increasingly feasible to request this service that the virtual world allows us to access.

Taking into account the already wide presence of these platforms with delivery couriers, digital consumers are constantly testing how far they could go; As was well demonstrated by that client who, being inside a football match in a stadium, opted to request an order. Likewise, these platforms are so important today that even Uber Eats chose to star in the first delivery delivery to spacewhere a delivery man brought food to an astronaut.

Delivery platforms have already shown their importance in the daily lives of digital consumers. Could it be that in a couple of years we will find a similar service that will dethrone it?

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