Investment in digital transformation will reach 1.8 billion in 2022

Investment in digital transformation will reach 1.8 billion in 2022

The global investment in digital transformation of company practices, products and organizations will reach this year 2022 a value of 1.8 trillion dollars, according to data from the IDC consultancy. It is an amount 17.6% higher than that invested in this area last year 2021, a growth rate that according to IDC will be maintained between now and 2026, with a five-year annual growth rate of 16.6% .

Investments in operations will be the top investment in digital transformation this year, and among the top priorities that will see the biggest investments in digital transformation in 2022 are back office support and infrastructure, smart manufacturing and supply chain optimization digital. These three investment areas will concentrate more than 620,000 million dollars of investment in 2022.

Other operational priorities that will see notable investments this year are connected assets, facilities management, and the conversion of data and information into operational assets. Investments in customer experience, such as omniexperiential interaction and omnichannel commerce, will receive more than 300,000 million of the projected investment in digital transformation in 2022.

The strategic digital transformation priorities that will experience the highest growth in spending over the next five years include some as niche as the insured without barriers, with an annual growth in the period from 2022 to 2026 of 27.4%; and the legal areas, with an annual increase until 2026 of 17%. Investments in business and resource management will also grow considerably. They will do so at 26% per year until 2026.

From an industry standpoint, the process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing areas will account for almost 30% of this year’s digital transformation investment, followed by the retail and professional services sectors. The financial services sector will be the sector with the fastest transformation investment growth in the period 2022-2026, followed by investment and securities services, insurance and banking. All of them have a projected increase in annual investment in digital transformation between 2022 and 2026 of 19% or more.

USA will be the largest market for investment in digital transformation in 2022, concentrating almost 35% of the world total. Western Europe will be the second highest spending region on digital transformation, closely followed by China. This, in addition, will have the strongest growth in investment in digital transformation with an annual growth of 18.5% until 2026. Latin America will be the region with the second highest growth in investment in this area, with an expected annual growth of 18 ,two%.

Angela Vacca, Head of Industrial Solutions Research Europe, IDC Customer Data and Analyticsnotes that “investment in digital transformation in EMEA will be close to 469 billion dollars in 2022, an increase of 16.7% compared to 2021, and underlining the strong importance of digital transformation projects in different sectors in Europe. The biggest growth will be in the finance and manufacturing sectors, where Big Data and AI use cases will dominate in financial institutions, and Internet of Things and robotics use cases will grow very dynamically. among manufacturing companies«.

Meanwhile, for Vacca, «In Central and Eastern Europe, the war between Russia and Ukraine will delay investments for the current year, which will have an impact on many sectors, and specifically on resources. Supply chain disruptions will also impact some segments of distribution and manufacturing, while disruption to network and IT supply chains will contribute to the postponement of some digital transformation projects in the telecoms sector.«.


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