Indiana Jones 5 could be the adventurer’s last film and we’ll explain why

Indiana Jones 5 could be the adventurer's last film and we'll explain why

2023 holds a great moment for cinema with an important list of titles, including indiana jones 5. The new installment of Harrison Ford’s adventurous archaeologist has generated enormous expectations among fans and everything seems to indicate that it would be the last film in the franchise.

Indy’s fifth film has suffered a large number of delays since it was announced in 2016. Without a doubt, one of the most important problems it faced was the departure of Steven Spielberg as director. The person in charge of carrying out the previous deliveries had creative differences with the screenwriter, so he decided to step aside and only continue as a producer. Luckily, Lucasfilm found a good replacement for Steven, director James Mangold, who is responsible for hits like Logan (2017) year ford vs ferrari (2019)


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