In Peru, tourists from Machu Picchu were left without entering and protested

In Peru, tourists from Machu Picchu were left without entering and protested

The suspension of the sale of tickets to enter Macchu Picchu by the authorities generated protests by angry tourists and town merchants closest to the famous Inca citadel, located in the southeast of Peru, detailed the RPP chain.

The protests took place outside the stone citadel and in the neighboring town of Machu Picchu, formerly called Aguas Calientes, where visitors arrive by train and board minibuses to go up to the jewel of Peruvian tourism through a narrow mountain route, added that medium.

I paid for my tickets [del tren] with Inca Rail for a day with a tour guide, we even pay an additional fee for the bus that brings us here to Machu Picchu, where the ruins are and they have not wanted to let us pass because we do not have an entrance ticket”, declared the Mexican Israel Gonzales Rizoo to AFP.

“It’s a scam,” complained the irate tourist, who said that had paid 65 dollars (about 270,000 pesos) for the train from Ollantaytambo, about 148 kilometers away.

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The town’s merchants were also very upset, dozens of whom they blocked the railway to prevent the movement of trainsnoted the Peruvian newspaper La República.

“We demand the sale of tickets at the offices of the Ministry of Culture of Machu Picchu, and 50% of its totality in person (…) to reactivate our economies,” the merchants said in a statement cited by that medium.

This is the second protest in just over two weeks over the lack of tickets to enter the stone citadel. On July 27, the available tickets were sold out by an overselling, underlined that newspaper.

After that, Peru increased from 4,000 to 5,000 the quota of visitors who can enter daily to the citadel. A good part of the tickets are sold online and a portion in person in the town, said that newspaper.

Before the protests this Friday, the Ministry of Culture indicated that it ordered that continue the face-to-face sale of entrance ticketsrespecting the limit set to protect the archaeological heritage.

In the last two weeks, “the average income to the City (citadel) of Machu Picchu has remained below the intake capacity“, indicated the Ministry in a statement collected by that newspaper.

This video shows the protests of tourists in Machu Picchu:


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