Imserso’s trips “are unfeasible as planned” | News from Travel Agencies, rss1

 Imserso's trips “are unfeasible as planned” |  News from Travel Agencies, rss1

“The Imserso tourism program, as it is proposed today, is unfeasible. The Government speaks of success, but the truth is that of the more than 800,000 places offered, barely half have been covered, in addition to the hundreds of complaints from users and how difficult it is for hoteliers with the increase in costs they have above” (Imserso: the first trips after 671 days of suspension).

The tourism spokesman of the Popular Party, Agustín Almodóbar, charges with these words against what he describes as a “disastrous and incompetent” management of the Executive. “He made his start-up in 2021 in danger and now nothing is known about the program for the 22/23 season,” he lamented.

The inaction of the Government has led it to formulate a battery of questions in the Congress of Deputies, requesting the appearance of the Ministers of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra. With this he seeks to pressure the Executive so that it does not repeat the mistakes of last year, in which it relaunched the Imserso trips late and badly.

It echoes the complaints of hoteliers

With the questions asked, the PP intends that the Government render accounts on the level of execution and compliance of the last season, making known the losses caused by the delay. It also tries to get both ministers to give priority to the reformulation of the program, whose economic conditions force many hoteliers to work at a loss.

Thus, it echoes the statements made by the president of CEHAT, Jorge Marichal, who has repeatedly denounced that “Imserso is not sustainable over time”, stating that the Government “is letting a great opportunity pass to have an adequate program to the times” (The hoteliers warn: “The Imserso is not sustainable”).

as posted Preferentialthe 2021/2022 season will end with just over half a million trips distributed and made, which represents just over 60% of the 816,029 put up for sale (Imserso ends with half a million seats sold).

The inexplicable delay of the Government in drafting the specifications, which turned out to be a carbon copy of the previous ones, forced Mundiplan (Iberia, IAG7 and Alsa) and Social Tourism (Ávoris) to concentrate all departures in a period of just six months, when the normal thing is that they have nine months to do it.


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