Imserso: the next season is in danger due to prices | Hotel News, rss1

 Imserso: the next season is in danger due to prices |  Hotel News, rss1

The start of the 2022/2023 season of Imserso trips is once again in danger. If there was already an uprising of hoteliers at the gates of the current campaign, facing the next, the situation is aggravated due to the very strong increase in energy costs, as well as raw materials and food (Imserso: the first trips after 671 day suspension).

Many of the actors involved in the program threaten to stand up if Imserso does not carry out an upward revision of the remuneration they receive per client hosted or transported. And it is no longer just a hotelier thing. Airlines and other transport companies are also exerting “brutal pressure” to update the economic conditions for the next season (Imserso trips “are unfeasible as planned”).

Sources consulted by Preferential They assure that there were already several hotels that gave up participating in this latest campaign because the numbers did not come out. And the situation could become even more complicated in the event that Imserso does not meet their demands and keep intact the remuneration policy established in the specifications.

Three options on the table

Experts consulted by this newspaper explain that there are currently three options: extend the Mundiplan and Social Tourism contracts without touching the economic conditions; do the same, but applying a price increase; or call a new competition with a larger budget item.

The second two options are the only ones that convince the companies that are an active part of the program. The problem is that the last one (the call for a new contest) could lead (once again) to the delay of the season.

The usual, and recommended, is that the sales start in September and the trips do so during October. This allows the program to be extended for nine months and to start just when the summer high season ends. However, the current campaign began more than three months late due to the Government’s delay in awarding the contracts (Viajes del Imserso: sales will start on December 14).

how did it progress Preferential, the last award was for one year plus two other possible extensions of 12 months each. Until this last competition, the normal thing used to be that the winning companies were guaranteed two years of execution (plus two other possible extensions).


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