“I’m spending 5% of my time acquiring Twitter”: Elon Musk


The South African tycoon and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, referred this Thursday to the purchase of Twitter through his account on the same social network.

To be clear, I’m spending less than 5% (but really) of my time on Twitter acquisition. It’s not rocket science! Yesterday it was Giga Texas, today it’s Starbase. Tesla is on my mind 24/7″, said the businessman.

And he used a meme to deny what is being said about that business: “So it may seem like the following, but it’s not true,” he explained.

In past days, Musk assured that the acquisition of Twitter will not be carried out until he has guarantees about the plague of false accounts that abound on the platform.complicating the tense takeover bid from the social media giant.

The businessman, considered a genius by those who follow him and an “erratic megalomaniac” by his detractors, surprised the world of finance in April when he announced that he wanted to buy Twitter.

But his offer for 44,000 million dollars is now on hold until the estimated number of fake accounts, known as “bots,” are resolved.

“The CEO of Twitter yesterday refused to prove that less than 5% of accounts are fake,” tweeted Musk, who has nearly 94 million followers on the social network. “Until he does, the deal cannot go forward,” he added.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal says that the platform suspends more than half a million fake-looking accounts every day, many times before they are public, and that every week it blocks millions of supposed users on suspicion that they are accounts managed by a computer application.

Internal analysis shows that less than 5% of active accounts on an average day are rated as unwanted mailBut these accounts cannot be replicated by third parties, due to privacy requirements, Agrawal said.

Elon Musk’s harsh warning about the Twitter algorithm

Musk recently shared an instruction so that Twitter users are not manipulated by the network’s algorithm and can have some freedom in their habitat.

“You’re being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize,” the businessman said of Twitter’s algorithm.

The billionaire indicated a series of actions so that users of the social network could evade the control exercised by the imposed algorithm.

Musk urges to do the following:

  • Press the start button for the menu to drop down.
  • There you must click on the stars (top right of the screen)
  • After this, select ‘Most Recent Tweets’.

With these steps, what is sought is that Twitter shows the most recent tweets, with respect to its publication. In other words, as long as that user does this step by step, the social network will stop showing the featured tweets and will make the newest ones visible.


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