“I do represent my people”

“I do represent my people”

Cuban singer El Taiger returned to Miami after his long trip to Cuba, and spoke about the criticism he has received all month for having returned to the Island.

During the last month, José Manuel Carvajal Zaldívar, better known as “El Taiger”, has been in the eye of the hurricane, accused of serving the regime -or failing that, of maintaining good relations with it- because he had no problem to enter the country.

While other artists, openly opposed, are strictly prohibited from entering Cuba, or else run the risk of being arrested, the reggaeton artist was able to walk around, post on his social networks, and in general, enjoy his stay with peace of mind.

However, upon his return to the United States, the Cuban appeared on the program “El Bafletazo”, where he told “his version” of the events.

The interpreter of “Habla Matador” said that he had “nothing to fear”, and spoke openly about his trip. When questioned about how easy it was for him to enter Cuba, he said that he alone did it, and since they did not deny him entry, he did not ask questions about it either.

This situation raised suspicions because last July, after the 11J demonstrations, the reggaeton player spoke in favor of the people, despite which he does not face consequences.

“I got there, and I went to my mother’s grave, and I picked up my family, which was what I needed, the oxygen that I needed… I am not the government, I got my ticket, I saw that they did not deny me and I got on the plane. I got there, knowing that anything could happen, by myself. I alone with my suitcases through the airport, I stood there like a little boy. If they told me there ‘come with me’, today’s program was different. But I went to see my family and I adjusted to that issue, ”he explained.

The Taiger also clarified that during the 21 days that his trip lasted he stayed in a hotel with his whole family.

He also announced that many of those who question his position with politics are going to the beginning of the summer in Varadero. “I saw them, my hotel was full in two days,” she said.

“I do represent my people, I am a feeling in Cuba, much bigger than an institution, much bigger than a government, much bigger than anything. It is a universal principle, I am the culture of my people and my people are their culture, I have nothing to do with their government”, emphasized the singer.

Despite what he tried to defend, El Taiger ended up upset in the interview, after one of his interlocutors exposed him.

The youtuber known as Un Martí To Durako, questioned El Taiger about the hotel where he stayed, asking on several occasions if he did not know that it belonged to Gaviota, a Cuban military company, thus owned by the regime.

The property of the hotel where the reggaeton player stayed had already been exposed by the Cuban youtuber Alexander Otaola, who called a demonstration in front of the Flamingo Theater Bar, where El Taiger will be presented on May 21.

The influencer alleges that El Taiger’s visit was to promote the reunion of Los Desiguales, as well as the trips to the Island, and even questioned whether the reggaeton player stayed in a regime hotel.

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