How to watch all Christopher Nolan movies, what platforms are they on

How to watch all Christopher Nolan movies, what platforms are they on

Christopher Nolan is one of the most popular American directors of the 21st century and his films have conquered the public, the box office and critics. Working with Warner on his Batman trilogy, it stands to reason that he is one of the top box office hits, but all of his films can be considered as “Author’s Blockbusters”.

Its origins were more humble, with the surprising Following and Rememberingbut soon he would make the leap to more commercial cinema, without neglecting his artistic aspirations.

Common elements in all Nolan’s films tend to be the intense use of practical special effectsrejecting CGI and computer images, and the dense plots and full of plot twistsconveniently explained so that everyone can follow them despite dealing with topics such as time from unconventional points of view.

In addition, he usually has regular collaborators: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy or Kenneth Brannagh have repeated in several of his films, and they usually have the music by Hans Zimmer and photography by Wally Pfister or Hoyte van Hoytema.

Christopher Nolan has directed 11 films to dateusually with the Warner Bros. studio, hence many can be found in Max HBO. But if you want to see all of his filmography, you’ll have to check other platforms, such as Movistar Plus+ or Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, some of his films are not found on platforms.

Beginning (2020) – HBO MAX


Tenet Trailer – What’s New From Christopher Nolan

The first blockbuster released in the post-pandemic world, Tenet is also one of Nolan’s most particular films, who has always liked reflect on the concept of time.

On this occasion, the plot revolves around a device that reverses time: if you enter the machine, you will move backwards, something that is used in an incredible way in action scenes. You can witness it in Max HBO.

Dunkirk (2017) – MOVISTAR PLUS+


Nolan’s first war film also earned him his first Oscar nomination for Best Director, along with Best Picture. Although it didn’t win, Dunkirk was one of the most acclaimed films of 2017, a spectacular re-enactment of the Allied troops fleeing on the beach at Dunkirk in France during World War II.

Dunkerque is in the Movistar Plus+ catalogue, but only until July 31, 2022.

Interstellar (2014) – HBO MAX, MOVISTAR PLUS+


The greatest space epic of the 21st century was filmed by Nolan in Interstarllar, a film based on theoretical physicist Kip Thorne’s wormhole theories… and how could he break through time… and travel through it?

You can see Interstellar in Max HBO. It is also in Movistar Plus+, but only if you have the pack of Movistar Action, and until January 31, 2023.

The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises (2012) – HBO MAX

The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises (2012)

The Dark Knight Rises, the long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy, successfully closed the plots of the previous ones with a film that, in tone and plot, is a cross between the police thriller of The Dark Knight and the mythology of the League of Shadows of begin. Another villain to frame, Tom Hardy’s Bane.

Like all of Nolan’s Batman trilogy (and most DC movies) you can find it at Max HBO.

Origin (2010) – HBO MAX


In one of his most popular and blockbuster films, Nolan took us on a dreamlike journey with a gang of thieves who break into their victims’ dreams to steal ideas…or implant them. Inception was a 2010 blockbuster with a cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio and full of regulars from his films, such as Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy or Michael Caine.

Since most of Nolan’s films are from Warner, you can also find Inception at Max HBO.

The Dark Knight (2008) – HBO MAX

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight shocked the world in 2008 because no one expected that a usually critically scorned superhero movie could be this good, a drama-packed cop thriller with an anthology performance by Heath Ledger as Joker.

The Dark Knight is a must-see movie, even if you don’t have a particular interest in the character or superhero movies, but it doesn’t sacrifice showmanship, with some of Nolan’s best stunts ever shot. Of course it’s in Max HBO.

The Final Trick (The Prestige) (2006) – Not available on streaming

the ultimate trick

Nolan moved away from his usual modern urban thrillers, but always with a taste for puzzle scripts in this rivalry of two wizards in London in the late 19th centuryplayed by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (and with an appearance by David Bowie as Nikola Tesla)

Unfortunately, this movie is not currently available on any streaming platform, although it is. you can rent or buy it in digital format on Apple TV, Rakuten TV, Google Play or Amazon. And while it’s not Nolan’s most popular film, it may be one of his best screenplays (written with his collaborator Jonathan Nolan).

Batman Begins (2005) – HBO MAX

Batman Begins (2005)

One of the most forceful restarts that a superhero has ever suffered: after the wild chaos of the Batman movies in the 90s by Joel Schumacher, Warner chose Nolan to give him a complete change of third, much more serious and realistic, similar to what the character had experienced in the comics with Frank Miller in the 80s.

Batman Begins is still a terrific origin film, which hasn’t aged as well as its successor, but it was instrumental in bringing about this rebirth of the character on film. It’s on HBO Max.

Insomnia (2002) – AMAZON PRIME VIDEO


Nolan’s second film was a detective thriller, with two heavyweights as Al Pacino and Robin Williamswith a remake of a Norwegian film of the same name. In this case, the action was taken to Alaska, to a small fishing town where two agents from Los Angeles arrive to investigate a disappearance.

It was Nolan’s first job with Warner, but this time you won’t be able to see it on HBO, but you can see it in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

Memento (2000) – Not available on streaming


It is a pity that Memento, Nolan’s first success, is not available on any platform in Spain, and cannot be rented online either, because it is one of his best films, narrated in a non-linear way to put you in his shoes. protagonist, a man who cannot remember recent events.

Following (1998) – Not available on streaming


not very well known, but Following is Christopher Nolan’s first film.shot in 16 mm, in black and white and that is almost a feature film (it lasts 70 minutes). Unfortunately, you will not be able to see it on any platform either.

It was a very amateur independent project with a very low budget, but with a very intriguing premise: a stagnant writer follow ordinary people in London down the street for inspiration… but he ends up getting into trouble.


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