How to travel with the dog in the plane cabin?

How to travel with the dog in the plane cabin?

Summer is coming and, if you are considering travel with your dog by plane, you should know that you can do it in the cabin, as long as you meet a series of conditions. More and more airlines allow dogs and cats on board, such as Iberia, Vueling, AirEuropa or British Airways. Each one has different rates, which should be consulted beforehand.

So you can travel with your dog by plane

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Although each airline has its own regulationsthere are some points in common.

One of the requirements shared by most is that the dog carrier must not exceed 35 centimeters wide, 45 long and 25 high to be able to travel in the cabin under the front seat. Of course, the carrier has to be well ventilated, secure and have a waterproof bottom. Regarding the weight of the animal, it must be a maximum of eight kilos.

Regarding the price, taking a pet in the cabin is around 40 euros for domestic destinations. In the case of flights to Asia or America, the cost can rise to 150 euros.

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If the dog weighs more than eight kilos or the carrier exceeds the required measurements to be able to go in the cabin, you have the option of transporting the animal in the hold of the plane. Most airlines allow dogs and cats to travel on this part of the planeand there are also a number of requirements set.

One of the most relevant is thatThe carrier complies with international regulations. It must be safe and comfortable for the size of the animal. The dog must be able to stand in a natural posture, as well as lie down and turn around. The bottom must be waterproof and must have adequate ventilation.

The maximum weight allowed is around 45 kilos between the dog and the carrier. As for the price, for domestic flights it is 120 euros and for international flights 300 euros.


Organizing a trip requires a lot of planning, even more so when you do it accompanied by your dog. At a minimum, you have to book the flight one or two months in advance to have time to get the documentation that the animal needs to flyespecially outside Europe.

It is recommended that the dog is used to traveling with you. First do it with the carrier open, then closed and, finally, in the car, with movements and noises.


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