How to travel by plane with your pet within Argentina: prices and requirements in 2022 – ADNSUR

How to travel by plane with your pet within Argentina: prices and requirements in 2022 - ADNSUR

There are not a few who consider their pet part of their family and that leads them to accompany their owners on many trips. In Animal DNA, we share useful information when moving with your pet by plane, within the country.

The comfort of our pets is the main axis

“Cabin or hold?” It is one of the most popular questions among those who must travel with their pets by plane.

We always recommend first contact the airline having enough time to carry out the previous procedures that will be required.

Requirements (in cabin and hold):

🐕Minimum age for dogs and cats: 12 months.

🐕 Maximum cabin step between 7 and 9 kilos according to airline.

🐕 Pets must be transported in a container provided by the passenger.

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🐕 Certificate of good health issued no later than 10 days prior to departure.

🐕 Vaccine card up to date.

🐕 It will have to be properly hygienized.

🐕During the flight the pet will not be able to leave its accommodation.

Waiting before traveling

In addition, it should be noted that Only one dog or cat per passenger can be transported in the cabin and another in the holdor both pets in the hold. If you wish to travel with more than two pets, they must be transported through the cargo system.

Minors traveling alone cannot carry animals in the cabin.

Although it seems incredible, the reservation does not guarantee that the pet can travel on that flight. In the case of transport in the warehouse, the transfer depends on the weather conditions and the possibility of transporting them safely inside the container.

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Regarding trips in the warehouse, the particular requirements are:

🐕 The container must be wide enough for the pet to stand up, sit upright, turn on its own axis and lie down in a natural position.

🐕 Only one animal per container can be moved.

Let’s talk about prices

💵 Fees for dogs and cats traveling in the cabin are around $5000, the amount may differ depending on the airline.

💵 In the case of warehouse trips, the price is determined by the dimensions of the container and the routes to be taken.

💵 Leaving Comodoto you can pay from $9,000, if you travel with a 4-legged companion who enters a small kennel, up to $27,000 if you transport a container of the largest accepted size, which is 100x80x70 cm.

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Finally, we leave a couple of tipsto take into account before traveling:

✅ Prepare a bag with any necessary element: be it medication, necessary documentation.

✅ Buy the right travel bag / container for your pet.

✅ Take into account requirements and restrictions according to race and age.

✅ Get to the airport with more time.


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