How to have fun from home without investing a lot of money? | Luxury | Trends

 How to have fun from home without investing a lot of money?  |  Luxury |  Trends

The world of gambling has always been associated with luxury, eccentricity and, of course, money. For example, in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, eight billion dollars are moved each year in gambling profits. On average each person who visits the city allocate about 500 dollars to play.

(Despite the ‘online’ boom, soccer continues to lead the bets).

However, today people can have fun with little money and without leaving home. A couple of decades ago it was necessary to have some not insignificant sum to be able to enjoy free time or a hobby. Today, largely thanks to technology, entertainment is not a luxury.

For this reason, enjoying gambling is no longer exclusive to Nevada’s largest city or physical venues. Online casinos have become a leisure optionregardless of the sums of money that each person has to bet.

(Online games have given prizes of $2.7 billion in Colombia).

The progress of casinos to adapt their business model to the online industry has important references in Colombia, such as This company, which was a pioneer in the country in online betting and games of chance, has in its portfolio a wide range of ways to bet, have fun and enjoy.

For example, allows you to make bets from $200, if it is a sports bet. In the case of casino games, the bet can start with $1,000. With that amount, depending on how good a player the bettor is, the investment can be multiplied.

According to statistics, the return to the player is 96%, on average. “It has happened many times that people with little money win a lot, with combined sports bets above all. In fact, you can calculate the winnings on the web before confirming the bet ticket. In the casino we have also seen cases, more than anything in SLOTS, where people win the jackpot”says María Eugenia Romero, Marketing Manager of

In this way, people can now have fun from the comfort of their home with an amount of money adjusted to their pocket. They can even manage the money spent on bets based on the player’s preference, as reloads for platforms like start from $20,000 and can be used on bets of at least $200.

Today there are many options to have fun. The online world has changed the rules of the betting sector, democratizing it, bringing, to everyone at any time and in any place, the excitement and fun that previously could only be experienced in a physical space.



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