How to create a free NFT and sell it?

How to create a free NFT and sell it?

How to create an NFT?

NFTs are a digital asset or asset. Unlike a fungible good like a 100-peso bill that can be exchanged for five 20-peso bills, NFTs are unique digital assets that cannot be modified or exchanged for another of the same value. The simplest example is a work of art, which is why many artists are looking to explore this vertical.

According to the site specialized in the subject, Open Sea, it is possible to create this type of assets through its page. You just have to go to your profile icon and click on ‘Create’, an option located in the upper right corner. You will then be taken to the creation page where you can upload a file, name it and add a description.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to customize the asset and add properties, levels, or stats to it for users to view and analyze your NFT. You will also be able to select which blockchain you want to hang your NFT on and lock the asset, should you need to.

Once the user has finished customizing NFT, you need to click ‘Create’ again and you will be able to sell it.

What does my NFT need?

You can use a variety of file formats for images, videos, audio or even 3D models to make an NFT, but there are some standards to consider, for example the maximum file size supported on Open Sea is 100MB, but it is recommended that is even less than this limit.

Once the NFT is up, it’s time to choose the blockchain, the most popular among NFT artists and creators is Ethereum, but there are other popular options like Tezos, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Binance Smart Chain.

It is also important to note that a digital wallet is needed, as it will be the way to access the digital assets that are being created. Major NFT wallets include Metamask, Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet.

How to sell my NFT?

At Open Sea it is very easy to sell these types of assets. Users simply need to select their Profile, go to the NFT they wish to sell and select the ‘Sell’ option. Clicking on this part will display a list where you can define the cost and type of sale that the user wants to have.

In a Fixed Price sale, the seller sets the NFT price, but you can also choose a sale by auction or for a period of time, in the case of Open Sea the default options are 1 day, 3 days or 1 week, although you can also set a custom duration using the calendar.

It is also possible to reserve the item for a specific buyer. To do so, just enter the buyer’s wallet address in the ‘Reserve’ field.

It’s important to note that Open Sea’s service fee is 2.5% and creator earnings are 10%, for a total of 12.5%. This is the highest percentage that can be deducted from an NFT sale.

When the sale has been achieved, the site will ask for the transaction to be confirmed and after digitally signing, the NFT can be exchanged or sold.



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