how to buy your trip with the best discount and without being scammed

Hot sale: mayo con tres días de descuentos y cuotas sin interés.

On May 30, 31 and June 1, a new edition of the Hot Sale will take place. This 2022 national and international tourism is reactivated, so if you want to travel, We share some tips to book your trip with the best discounts and packages that the online discount fair will offer you. In addition, we anticipate everything you must take into account so as not to fall into deception.

The event will count in this ninth edition with 1,091 participating brands and thousands of products available from different items and travel is always the protagonist. To make a good purchase, you have to anticipate this date and take the necessary precautions to avoid scams.

It is very common for this type of event to confuse users, who end up falling into the trap of some misleading advertisements. You should not start any purchase without first choosing, verifying and thinking about where your next vacation will be. Remember to choose the period that you will travel, this is how you will be able to focus on the offers of tourist services that the destination has.

Hot Sale 2022. Choose your destination and buy in Hot Sale with a discount.

To be alert to opportunities and great discounts that are really related to the event, from the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) advised to register on the official site of Hot Sale 2022 and subscribe to notifications to receive the news.

Investigate previously, look for references, compare prices and the price/quality/quantity ratio. For security, You must access the brands that participate in the event only through the Hot Sale site.

In If you find the trip that closes you, buy it at the moment. If you decide to come back later, most likely it has already been sold. The offers, in many cases, have limited stock.

check with what payment methods have facilities regarding the financing of the purchase (for example, possibilities of paying in installments with and without interest).

Check the conditions

Before accepting any package or promotion it is important to read the policies of each travel provider, since each company establishes its own conditions.

It is also important to book accommodation such as flight and activities, where it is key to ensure that they have flexible policiesyes This will allow you to change dates, flights, accommodation, in the event of an inconvenience, and at no extra cost.

I chose your destination and buy in Hot Sale with a discount.

CACE shared some tips to keep in mind and be alert when buying.

When closing the purchase on the day of the Hot Sale

Correctly track the order. Check that the contact information entered is correct, many times the email is key for correct monitoring, check that it is from an active account. Write down the order number and the shipping tracking code at the time of closing the purchase that will serve to track the package.

– In the case of purchases of tangible products, such as the suitcase,Check available shipping options and delivery times before finalizing the purchase. These options may vary depending on the product purchased and the geographical area in which the user is located.

I chose your destination and buy in Hot Sale with a discount.

What to look at on the screen of the brand you are going to buy

At the top right of the screen, next to the Internet symbol, you have to find a yellow padlock. This means that the website you are visiting is safe. If it doesn’t appear, then you don’t have a secure connection to your browser. This feature should be displayed when you reach the page to make the payment, not on the home page.

If the page URL starts with https://, you are on a secure page; if the URL starts with http://, the page is not secure.

If he browser address bar is greenyou can be sure that the website belongs to the entity that it claims to be. This feature should be displayed when you reach the page to make the payment, not on the home page.

Details from the seller

You have to look at the contact informationsince if it is foreign or comes from a country that has nothing to do with the brand of the product, then it is not reliable. Legal mentions: the publisher of a website, the author of a blog or the merchant of an online shop must announce the legal mentions on their web page. Otherwise, it is considered an illegal site.

Practices to keep in mind to buy insurance in Hot Sale

Verify that the URL is correct

Always an excellent practice is to directly write the url in the browserinstead of reaching it through links available from third party pages or emails.

At the time of buying, provide only the information essential for the operation. If any online store requires information that is not considered essential, then it is better to make your purchase elsewhere.

Redirects: It is not uncommon for an untrustworthy website to redirect the user to Chinese and North Korean sites. These types of sites have no value, that is, they do not participate in the Hot Sale.

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