How much does Venice cost? Tourists will have to pay to enter the city

 How much does Venice cost?  Tourists will have to pay to enter the city

Venice has reached its limit. One of the most beloved, coveted and beloved cities in the world wants, at last, to provide a solution to its great problem: the tourist overcrowding. A limit that has been reached by the recent threat of Unesco to withdraw the status of World Heritage Site.

And the solution that is intended to be implemented is to be the first city in the world to require the payment of a fee to enter its interior. How? Through a system that only allows free entry to the city for visitors who have booked a night in a hotel in the city.

This measure was proposed just a few months before the pandemic began, but due to the shortage of tourists in the worst months of confinement, it was decided to freeze the measure. Until now, in which it has been clarified that The measure will come into force from January 2023.

That’s the deadline and, as its mayor recently announced, tickets to the city will be available starting this summer with a view to next year.

A tourist balance

This measure is a pioneer in the world and does not seek anything other than to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Venice, flooded by tourists who visit the city in a single day, who dirty its streets and who do not leave money to local businesses in Venice. And the best solution for them has been to put a price on their ticket.

The city’s head of Tourism, Simone Venturini, narrates that the pandemic had made them reflect on their tourism model. “Covid made us realize that what was acceptable before Covid was no longer acceptable, because the city had changed and the problem of crowds only increased.”

This model will begin to be tested in 2022 with incentives for visitors who use the reservation portal and that will allow them to skip queues at various sites and museums. This test will be the prelude to the final measure that will come into force next year.

The price of admission to Venice

The price to visit the city will depend on the season in which you choose. Holidays and when the city is more crowded will have a higher price, while quieter days will have a lower price.

Specifically the prices will range between 3 euros for a quiet day and little crowded, and that can be extended up to 10 euros for days with a greater influx of people.

The fee will only be charged to one-day visitors

Not everyone will have to pay this fee, since what is intended is to put an end to uncontrolled and one-day tourism. That’s why hePeople who spend at least one night in Venice will be exempt from paying it.

A measure that, on the other hand, aims for tourists to take their visits more calmly, to enjoy the city little by little and to move away from express visits to one of the cities with the most history and charm on the entire planet.



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