How much does it cost to travel to Venezuela from Colombia: cheap tickets and hotels

How much does it cost to travel to Venezuela from Colombia: cheap tickets and hotels

After several years of decline, it seems that the Venezuelan regime has lessened its oppression of the people. One of the big changes is due to the measure that was taken in government policies, which has opened up to the dollar and to private investors. In addition, the controls and interventions to the companies were reduced.

Thanks to this opening, the country is now experiencing new challenges and one of them has to do with tourism. Venezuela It is a territory with great destinations to discover. Its paradisiacal islands and the great forests are some of the places that are promoted the most by agencies looking for foreigners to encourage them to travel.

The first travelers to arrive in the country in the midst of the pandemic were Russians thanks to the close relationship between the two governments, which has been highly questioned. In August, Margarita Island began receiving flights from Moscow through international tour companies, such as the Russian Pegas Fly or Pegas Touristik, according to the portal Gestión.

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In total, the aforementioned media ensures that 5,500 tourists of Russian nationality have landed in recent months in Margarita, a beautiful Caribbean island that for decades received a large number of travelers from different parts of the world: Italians, Spaniards, Canadians, Brazilians , Peruvians, Argentines, Ecuadorians, but what is most surprising is that the Colombians who are closer by distance have moved little.

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And it is that to the surprise of many, now it is easier to fly to Venezuela from Russia than from Colombiasince relations between governments are broken and air connections are quite expensive. Some travel companies even refrain from offering packages due to the difficult communication with that country.

For example, on platforms such as Kayak they do not publish tourist plans due to restrictions that they have on their page. Sites like Despegar offer flights to Caracasbut they do not fall below 2,673,000 Colombian pesos, a ridiculous price for what a citizen pays in any destination within the country and with journeys of less than two hours.

However, the agency Paradise Travel Venezuela It offered packages at Easter, although it did not specify that for Colombians, at prices between 135 and 255 dollars, approximately 255 (between 500,000 and 1,000,000 pesos). These rates include coverage of all expenses between three and five nights, depending on the choice. A fairly comfortable cost for any traveler from another country.


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