How much does it cost to travel in a private plane like the one that takes Juan Carlos to Vigo?

How much does it cost to travel in a private plane like the one that takes Juan Carlos to Vigo?

The rental of a private plane similar to the one that the King Emeritus is using to travel from Abu Dhabi to Vigo costs close to 97,000 euros, not counting fees and taxes, according to data from airlines that fly with the same device.

The arrival of Don Juan Carlos is scheduled for around 7:30 p.m. this afternoon and will arrive in a private Gulfstream GIV plane, manufactured by the North American company Gulfstream Aerospace, with a Rolls Royce engine, and belonging to the company Bestfly.

According to the website of this private aircraft rental company, this device, model Gulfstream G450, has a manufacturing date of 2006, although it is known that the cabin was renovated in 2019. It has a capacity to transport 14 people and the cabin it has three parts.

In the front part there is a full kitchen with oven, sideboard and dining area, with double seats; in the central part it has the seats in line and a divan and in the rear area, the bathroom and a storage area are installed. The device also has television and entertainment in high definition.

The estimated rental price of the device before fees and taxes would amount to about 97,000 euros, according to data from the companies consulted.

This will be the first time that Don Juan Carlos has set foot on national territory for almost two years, after he left the country on August 3, 2020 aboard a private jet to settle in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Upon his arrival, he will be met by the Infanta Elena, who landed this afternoon at the Peinador airport minutes before 5:00 p.m. on a commercial flight from Madrid. Both will leave for the Pontevedra town of Sanxenxo, where they plan to spend the weekend together.

The emeritus and his daughter will stay for the weekend in a house that Pedro Campos, businessman and president of the yacht club, has in the Nanín area, where he has already spent the night “many times.” As his friend explained, the plan for the weekend will be mainly “homemade”, although it will also depend on whether he feels like going out.


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