How many car brands are there in the world and which was the first?

How many car brands are there in the world and which was the first?

The evolution in the electrification of world motorsports has brought with it the birth of many new brands dedicated exclusively to emission free cars and which come mostly from Porcelain.

This adds to the disappearance of some companies, which have not known how to adapt to the strict regulations that increasingly limit the emission of harmful substances from combustion engines. As a result, the landscape change makes very difficult to know exactly the number of existing brands today in the world.

Car brands: a wide range

whether they are sports, family or off-road, with combustion or electric engines, the range of bodies is as wide as the approximate number of brands in the world. In fact, some brands have sub-brands dedicated to specific car types or specific propulsion systems.

Among others, those that focus their business on supercars. A good example is the Spanish Hispano Suiza, which in its catalog only has Carmen and its most performance version, surnamed Boulogne.

Hispano Suiza has in this Carmen Boulogne its most performance model of Carmen. He only has these two in his catalog.

And there are also many minority manufacturers, limited to one market and barely known in the rest of the planet. In short, and according to various sources, the global automotive sector around 180 registered trademarks nowadays. Because if you also count those that one day built cars and have already disappeared, this number can be close to 300.

Among them, some like Abbot, who made luxury cars from 1912 to 1923, or Abbott-Detroit, that also built vehicles of this type between 1909 and 1919. Or one better known by the Spanish, Autobianchi, that manufactured small cars and closed its doors in 1995 after opening them in 1955. Or the Swedish Saab, permanently disappeared in 2016.

What was the first car brand in the world?

It is not easy to know which was the first brand in history, since the answer may have several nuances. one thing is the first registered trademark that (after a while) started making cars and another, the first car built and patented.

If we talk about the first brand, Peugeot made its debut in 1810 manufacturing mills and then moved on to building bicycles. In 1889, he developed the Type 1, his first steam-powered vehicle. In 1891, he made his first automobile with an internal combustion engine. And five years later, in 1896, Armand Peugeot founded the peugeot Motor Company, that has manufactured automobiles without interruption until today.

Now, what was the first registered car? In 1886, Charles Benz got the patent for the first car powered by a gasoline engine, the Benz trike 1. Your company, named Benz & Cie., it later became Mercedes-Benz.

The first trip
Bertha Benz, with her children, starting the first trip in history by car..

And the Ford T? It was not the first, since it began to be built in 1908, but the American engineer Henry Ford It was the one that started the famous assembly lines in its mass production and, with this, gave the starting signal to the massive use of the car.

This car filled the streets with vehicles that until then were traveled by horses and carriages. And this led to having to introduce traffic rules and establish the compulsory possession of a driver’s license to be able to drive those revolutionary machines.

Which brand sells the most cars in the world?

When it comes to number of registrations, Toyota was in 2021 the brand that led the sales classification in the automobile market, with 10.5 million units. In Europe, it was Volkswagen Group the one that sold the most vehicles, with more than 1,200,000 units last year.

And if we talk about Spain, the best-selling brand in 2021 was Seat, with a little more than 70,000 units. Among its models, the Seat Arona has been the most sold, with nearly 22,000 units of those 70,000.

best selling cars
The Seat Arona was the best-selling car in Spain in 2021.


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