How long will it take for Warner Bros to fire the actor?

How long will it take for Warner Bros to fire the actor?

The dismissal policy in the face of the risks of the culture of cancellation is somewhat ambiguous within Warner Bros. Pictures. A few accusations of mistreatment against Johnny Depp were enough to force him to give up his Fantastic Beasts villain, while his ex-wife, Amber Heard happily continued his role in the franchise of Aquaman. The same goes for actor ezra millera double problem for the company, since it is part of the cast of the Harry Potter prequels as well as the superheroes of Detective Comics, since it is he who plays the Flash character.

Ezra Miller as ‘The Flash’ in ‘Justice League’ (Warner Bros Pictures)

The problem with Ezra Miller, does not come from now but He has been messing around with violence off the set for several years. Miller accumulates cases of excessive violence and very striking altercations for how recognized his figure is. Since Warner they have normally calmed the waters around all their media controversies. In fact, they recently had an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the interpreter in his two franchises. (Although the producer has denied that meeting). His stay in Hawaii has given him at least a couple of arrests; one for causing an altercation at a karaoke bar and another for being on private property and throwing a chair in a woman’s face. Viral was, although he seems to have been forgotten by the community, the alleged attack on a fan. The problems with justice, plus the repercussions of this with the fans are not going to be able keep covering up wild and crazed behavior that the actor of The advantages of being an outcast is having in the form of an inexhaustible spiral.

Ezra Miller in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise (Warner Bros Pictures)

The last? depending on the medium TMZ, there is an alleged video of Miller in which he is very defiant in front of several police officers asking for their names and badge numbers. In addition, according to the unconfirmed information, nor denied by the actor, he also said “I am transgender, non-binary, I do not want to be registered by a man” Y “I record myself to create NFT art and crypto art”. It is not very well known what is the nature of Miller’s behavior and his scandals, but a certain level of alcoholism and exaggerated violence coincide in all of them. His continuity in Warner Bros productions is in question, but How many opportunities do you have left before a definitive cancellation?


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